Underrated Products

These are some of my favourite types of blog posts, as I always find some products that I haven’t seen before or tried out. I chose products that I use on a daily basis, but they haven’t been raved about or recognised in the blogging community. I would love to do this type of post on something like skincare or body care, so let me know if that’s something you’re interested in.


Seventeen’s Super Lash Mascara

This product was actually a freebie, which I got back in October when I spent, I think, £7 on Seventeen. When I first got this mascara, I was really disappointed : the whole wand was covered really thickly and all up the sides.  Sadly, at the time none of the mascaras had packing on to prevent people from using them, so you had to be wary. However after a few uses the wand began to thin out and become more workable, I realised this is an amazing mascara! It’s really lengthening, but isn’t thick at all, unlike Maybelline Lash Sensation another favourite of mine. Each lash with separately covered without sticking together. If you haven’t tried this, I really recommend checking it out!

Rimmel Clear Completion Clarifying Powder

This is my go to powder, I’ve used it every day none-stop for the past year and a half. Unlike other products, I haven’t really tried out a range of powders, as I almost instantly found one I love and stuck to it. This powder sets your makeup and stays on most of the day. Unlike, other powders this ones really light weight, so it doesn’t look cakey or clog your pores.

MUA Single Eyeshadows

Now these eyeshadows aren’t ground-breaking, but for £1 you really can’t go wrong. The eyeshadow is in the shade ‘Copper’ and has a nice glitter effect to it, perfect as an all over lid colour. For the price it’s nicely pigmented and has very little fallout, which is something that I often find with glitter eyeshadows. At the moment, I only have one shade but I would love to pick up some more, as they’re really good value.

Seventeens Stay Time Concealer

These concealers quite a large shade range, for a drugstore brand, so I picked up the lightest ‘Extra Fair’.  The description and formula of the product is very similar to the Collection Lasting Perfection, both claim to last 18 hours. Compared to Collection, this concealer is a lot of a thinner consistency to apply, however once blended it begins to thicken up. This concealer is very high coverage and looks completely natural.






My Brow Routine – Collab with Daisy Petals


Very recently my eyebrows have become one of my most important and favourite pasts of my makeup routine., which I think is safe to say so has most other people. I’ve suddenly started paying much more attention to them. Personally , I go for a natural look, as not a big fan of big bold brows. This is a colab with the lovely Daisy Petals –  I love reading her new blog posts and look out for them. She’s a really lovely person, so I defiantly recommend checking her blog out. So here’s how I achieve my brows …

Back in October I got my eyebrows threaded, I know that seems like ages ago and everything has probably grown back, but that created guide lines and the perfect shape, so that I don’t over pluck. Since then, I’ve just been plucking out the strays with tweezers, trying to keep the shape. My eyebrows are naturally fairly dark so they don’t take much to look fake and like draw on sticks because of this I try to stick to products that match my hair colour and nothing to heavy. DSC_1111

  1. On days when I want high intensity bold brows I will use the Nyx ‘Proof It’ Waterproof Eyebrow Primer. Now this product is crucial, but you can really notice the difference once you start using it. With this product, my eyebrows stay on all day and don’t smudge, as I’ve found powder products cling to your brows more. So I simply wipe this on to my eyebrows and wait a few seconds for it to dry.
  2. Next, I outline underneath my brows using the pencil included in the Seventeen ‘ Brows That’ Kit. I really recommend this kit as it comes with everything you need :wax, pencil, powder, highlighter; all in a cute little palette. This is quite hard, but creates a really soft and subtle line, which is really easy to blend out with a spoolie.
  3.  As I used the primer earlier, I skip the wax, which I find creates thick and obvious look, which some people may like, personally I prefer a natural. Powder is really easy to be precise with and easy be built up to achieve the levels of boldness desired. Using an angled brush from Wilko, I apply the powder in small amounts, meaning I can slowly build up.
  4.  I also find my brows look drawn on after this, so I blend the product in, a staple part of this routine, using a basic spoolie. Doing this all the powder to be even distributed and any excess easily brushed out.  DSC_1097
  5. If your eyebrows are still unruly and have lots of strays, I suggest using a brow gel. These make sure that every single hair stays in place throughout the whole day. The Primark one served me well and has eventually run out, to replace it I purchased The Maybelline ‘Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara’ in Transparent. Unlike my old one my eyebrows don’t feel as hard and stuck together. This has a really unique brush shape – the only way to describe it is long and thin with a ball on the end- this allows you to arch your brows easily.



Everyday Winter Makeup Look

This is the look I’ve been wearing pretty much everyday this school holiday, as it’s so quick and simple. You’re probably thinking it’s not very wintery, I agree – it’s not! At the moment I’m still experimenting with darker shades and bolder contouring. Seen as it’s my first post like this I wanted to play it safe; however let me know in the comments if you want to see something more adventurous from me and I’ll try to do that for you.

First, I do what I find is the hardest bit, my brows, with the Seventeen ‘Brow’s That’ Brow Kit. Using the wax I shaped and defined my brows with the handy little brush included, then used the ‘Fixing Gel’ from Primark to set them in place. On my eyes I used three shades from the eye shadow palette included in my Kiss Advent calendar. All over my lid I used the lightest brown shade (bottom left); the dusty pink shade(bottom right) in the inner corner and the darkest(top right) on the crease. I blended all that using the brush from The Seventeen palette and the studio eye brush. This eye shadows turned to be really blendable and have a beautifully subtle shimmer to them. Then, I apply ‘The Super Lash Mascara’ from Seventeen. This mascara contains a really small brush but it makes your lashes so much thicker and longer really easily. Also, I’ve found that it has staying power and does flake off under your eyes during the day.


Next on to my face, I used my new favourite concealer, Rimmel ‘Wake Me Up’ (Ivory) to cover up any blemishes. I applied it in a triangle under my eye and blended it out using my Real Techniques ‘Concealer brush’, then used my finger on any spots and blemishes. This concealer has really high coverage and makes your skin look and feel so soft. Finally I applied a thin coat of The Rimmel ‘Clear Complexion Powder’ all over my face, with my New Look ‘Kabuki Brush’.


To give my face some definition, I lightly used the Kiss Bronzer in a 3 shape on both sides of my face. It surprisingly didn’t take much effort to blend out using my Studio ‘Angled Blush Brush’. Then, on to my favourite bit – highlighting. For a change I used the Technic ‘Highlights’, which turned out to be an amazing dupe for Benefits ‘High Beam’ and costs only a fraction of the price. Using my finger, I bring this into anywhere I want to shine : my cheekbones, my brow bone, my cupids bow and the end of my nose. Finally, I apply Maybelline’s ‘Vivid Matte Liquid’ in the shade 50, Nude Thrill. This lipsticks a really nice colour, dries completely matte and doesn’t make your lips dry.