Colour Correcting Guide

Colour correcting is used to target specific areas and create a flawless base for your makeup, you should apply it before foundation and concealer. I don’t use it everyday, but as often as I can. It looks scary but using the right products it can be easy. For this I use the technic, Colour Fix Cream Corrector Palette, which comes with 8 different colours. This palette’s really good for beginners who are trialling colour correcting concealer as this palettes great value for money and includes all the colours you could need and more. The concealer is really creamy and blendable, whilst providing a high coverage base.dsc_0847

Here’s what each colour does:

  • Pink – to brighten
  • Lilac -to correct any yellow, shallow, tones and hide bruises
  • Green – to minimise redness
  • Peach – to neutralise blue tones
  • Rose – balance out any discolouration
  • Silver Shimmer – to highlight and brighten
  • Yellow – neutralise blue purple areas
  • Tan – to warm ash coloured skin tonesdsc_0846

How I use it: First I apply the green concealer on any spots or red areas I have. Next I mix number 4, Peach, and number 7, Yellow, together on my brush then blend it under my eyes. Then, I apply the lilac shade around my nose and on my chin. Finally I apply the highlighter under my brow, the inner corner of my eye and my cheek bone. I recommend applying the concealer with a brush and blending it in slightly with then finishing it off with your finger for a higher coverage

Testing Makeup Gallery – Collab

For the those of you who aren’t aware, Makeup Gallery is Poundland’s signature makeup brand. Each product being only a pound, sometimes there products are assumed to be poor quality. With this in mind, we decided to test it to see if there’s any bargin pieces. This a colab with Lifestylebeautyandme, One of my best friends and a really good blogger, who’s just starting out.
Gorgeous Flawless Foundation, 02 Warm Ivory – I was actually surprised by the vast shade range, I think there were 8 different shades, as I’d heard some other people complain about this. We picked up shade 2, which is surprisingly quite dark. This foundation felt a nice consistency – thick but watery. Once blended in it didn’t making any difference to be honest and you needed to apply quite a thick layer for decent coverage.
Hide and Chic concealer, 01 Ivory – I’ve only tried a stick concealer once before so was very excited to try this. We brought the lightest shade hoping to use this on our under eyes. This concealer stick isn’t very creamy, so it drags your skin when you apply it. We found it very hard to blend this in with a brush or beauty blender and resulted to using our fingers. Once it was fully blended I found it lurked in your creases but provided very good coverage.
Smoothly Does It Pressed Powder, 1 transparent – This powder looks very yellow in the pan, but isn’t too noticeable once applied. All I have to say about it is it does it’s job! It doesn’t do an amazing job, but it isn’t too heavy or long lasting. I think this would be quite good for baking under your eyes as it’s quite thick.
Good To Glow Matte Bronzer, 2 medium – Again this was quite orange and not recommended for people with very fair skin. On the positive side, it blended out really easily and is subtle but buildable.
Feeling Blush Blush, 3 Spice – This was one of my favourite products, which was surprising as we got a darker shade than usual, all they had. It took no effort to blend as it wasn’t very pigmented. I would describe the colour as cute, as it’s really natural and subtle.
Good To Glow Highlighting Powder, 1 Pearl Shimmer – I actually owned this before and use it a lot. It’s really nice and shimmery, without having too much glitter in it. Like the other face products it’s very subtle and natural, perfect for anyone looking for a good highlighter on a budget.
Never Ending Story Mascara, 2 Black – In the shop there was a choice of two or three different mascaras, but we chose a lengthening one. The brush was very thick and fluffy which I liked. One coat provided a very natural look, whereas a few more made your lashes look much thicker and longer.
Colour Story Eye Shadow, 8 Mocha –  This was the only colour of eye shadow our local store sold, but it’s a really nice shimmery medium brown shade – perfect for any eye look. It blends in really easily and has enough pigment. Next time I’m in Poundland I’d love to see if they have any more colours, apparently there are 20 different shades.
Shine On Lip Gloss – On their Instagram page, I saw some Matte Liquid Lipsticks, however they didn’t sell them either. I really hated this product, it was very thick, sticky and gloopy to apply. If your have any dry patches it would cling to them. The product claimed to have intense colour, instead it made your lips look really thick. Definitely, not worth purchasing.
Overall, I think they have an impressive shade range, however not all their stock varies throughout stores. Before, buy any of their makeup I suggest reading a review before you purchase any of it. dsc_0810

After Christmas Haul

After Christmas one of the positive things is the Christmas Sales, where shops sell of all their Christmas stock. In places like Boots and Lush, you can pick up some things for half price only a few days after Christmas. Here are some of the things I’ve picked up in the sale or just brought with Christmas money and love already.dsc_0792

Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel – This smells just like Turkish delight, which I love. It also has argon oil in it which makes it really moisturising on your skin. It lathers really easily and leaves your skin smelling really good for a couple of hours.

Lush Sugar Plum Fairy Lip scrub – I’ve always though Lush lip scrubs were a little on the pricy side for what they are and couldn’t wait to try one at half the price. One thing about the product is it’s filled right to the top of the pot so you get your moneys worth. It smells lovely and sweet, a bit like the comforter, and is great for anyone with dry lips. I love to use this before I put on a liquid lipstick, so it applies smoothly.

Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Gel – This is a new skin care essential for me as it works so well. It absorbs into your skin really quickly and doesn’t take long to moisturise and hydrate your under eye area. After a few days of using this my eye area already seems less puffy and much brighter. dsc_0793

Clean and Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion – I’ve only used this product twice, so I can’t really review it properly yet. So far this has felt really nice on my skin and has absorbed any excess oil without being too drying on my skin. I can’t wait to keep using this product and see if it continues to impress me.

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara – This is in the shade transparent as I prefer to use pencil and powder to shape my brows. However, this great for setting your brows after that. The brush has a round bit at the end of it, which I’ve found really useful to get all the hairs covered.dsc_0796

Nyx Lip Lingerie Lace Detail 03 – I finally decided to this a try after wanting it for ages, the shade I picked up is a really nice pinkie nude for everyday. However, the first couple of times I’ve used it it’s felt quite thick on my lips and is really drying. This hasn’t stopped me wearing this though as it’s such a nice colour.dsc_0797


How to kick off your new year right

New Year is perfect time to make big or small changes in your life. Whever this years resolution was to be more organised or finally taking the time to do something you’ve kept putting off. Whatever your reason, this time of years perfect to do something for your self to make life a little bit easier and make some simple changes.

Have a Clear Out – Look inside your wardrobe and throw out any clothes that don’t fit you any more or you haven’t worn in a long time. This can be hard, ‘but what if I will want to wear it again?’, if you haven’t worn something in the past year then question if you really need it. With the clothes you don’t want you can either sell them online or help someone else by donating them to charity.dsc_0380

Start up a journal – This can be any type of journal you wish – a dream journal, a bullet journal, a diary. To organise all my school work and other events, I’m going to be using my Bando ‘ I am very busy’ planner.  Which includes a monthly and weekly view, also lots of other cute things like, art work and stickers. However, I will be start up again my ‘one thought a day journal’, which I write down one thing about the previous day. I’ve this a great way to record memories and dreams without have to write paragraphs of text, like a diary.dsc_0788

Reorganise your desk/workspace – If you don’t have a desk or a quite place to work without being disturbed, I recommend you get one. You to have to spend lots of money on a desk a table anywhere will do. From the top, clear of any clutter, keeping only necessary supplies. Update any files and sort out any paper into it’s place. If you want to make a real effort I suggest wiping it down to remove any marks from the previous year and start a fresh.dsc_0392

Save your money – At the moment I’m saving up for a new phone and needed a place to keep all my savings. Even if you don’t have a particular something you’re saving up for, everyone could benefit from having some money ‘ for a rainy day’. dsc_0777

This Year …

I don’t know if any of you will remember this, but this time last year I did a post ( Find that post here)about my resolutions for this year, 2016, and thought I’d start this post by talking about how well I’ve  stuck to them.dsc_0689

More Confident – I think I’m slowly becoming more confident in places like school, but no massive change here, and it will take much more time to get over. Room Makeover – I’ve definitely sorted this and I’m now really happy with my space, with the addition of my new desk and drawers. There’s the odd thing that could be changed but as a whole I’m really happy with it now.

Something I’m going to try and do this year is develop and grow my blog, as it’s one of my favourite things to do and want to make it as good as it can be. So I’ve created some goals and resolutions to help me do this :

Followers Goal : I’m definitely not do this for the followers, however I would like to build up a small following who this all seem worth while.

  • My Blog – 100 followers
  • Bloglovin  – 250 followers
  • Twitter – 100 followers
  • Instagram – 700 followers

Post more consistently – at the moment I post when ever I can find the time, which can be any time. This year I will try and post every Sunday, with occasional extra posts in the week.dsc_0691

Collabs – This year I’ve collaborated with some amazing and generous brands and bloggers and want to do even more in the new year. I really enjoy writing with other writers with different styles. If you would like to colab check out my contact page at the top.

New and Exciting – As well as providing you with some of the classic blog posts, I want to add some more variety and unique posts to keep people interested.





Everyday Winter Makeup Look

This is the look I’ve been wearing pretty much everyday this school holiday, as it’s so quick and simple. You’re probably thinking it’s not very wintery, I agree – it’s not! At the moment I’m still experimenting with darker shades and bolder contouring. Seen as it’s my first post like this I wanted to play it safe; however let me know in the comments if you want to see something more adventurous from me and I’ll try to do that for you.

First, I do what I find is the hardest bit, my brows, with the Seventeen ‘Brow’s That’ Brow Kit. Using the wax I shaped and defined my brows with the handy little brush included, then used the ‘Fixing Gel’ from Primark to set them in place. On my eyes I used three shades from the eye shadow palette included in my Kiss Advent calendar. All over my lid I used the lightest brown shade (bottom left); the dusty pink shade(bottom right) in the inner corner and the darkest(top right) on the crease. I blended all that using the brush from The Seventeen palette and the studio eye brush. This eye shadows turned to be really blendable and have a beautifully subtle shimmer to them. Then, I apply ‘The Super Lash Mascara’ from Seventeen. This mascara contains a really small brush but it makes your lashes so much thicker and longer really easily. Also, I’ve found that it has staying power and does flake off under your eyes during the day.


Next on to my face, I used my new favourite concealer, Rimmel ‘Wake Me Up’ (Ivory) to cover up any blemishes. I applied it in a triangle under my eye and blended it out using my Real Techniques ‘Concealer brush’, then used my finger on any spots and blemishes. This concealer has really high coverage and makes your skin look and feel so soft. Finally I applied a thin coat of The Rimmel ‘Clear Complexion Powder’ all over my face, with my New Look ‘Kabuki Brush’.


To give my face some definition, I lightly used the Kiss Bronzer in a 3 shape on both sides of my face. It surprisingly didn’t take much effort to blend out using my Studio ‘Angled Blush Brush’. Then, on to my favourite bit – highlighting. For a change I used the Technic ‘Highlights’, which turned out to be an amazing dupe for Benefits ‘High Beam’ and costs only a fraction of the price. Using my finger, I bring this into anywhere I want to shine : my cheekbones, my brow bone, my cupids bow and the end of my nose. Finally, I apply Maybelline’s ‘Vivid Matte Liquid’ in the shade 50, Nude Thrill. This lipsticks a really nice colour, dries completely matte and doesn’t make your lips dry.


Advent Calendar Top Picks

It’s now the 15th of December and I’m more than half way through my advent calendar. This year I treated myself to the Kiss Advent Calendar, which cost £5 in Wilko. When I brought it I wasn’t too sure of the quality of the products, due to it being so cheap; but I’ve been pleasantly surprised so far. Inside there are 24 different beauty products, from makeup to nail polishes. I want to share with you my favourites so far!dsc_0540 Eye Shadow Quad (My Eye Shadow) – This palette contains some quite unusual colours compare to most of my nude palettes. A pink blush shade, a dark beige, a burnt gold shade and a dusty pink shade; all shimmery. They’re very pigmented, blend quite softly, and none of the shimmer transfers. I’m quite excited to work these into my usual go-to look for Christmas.dsc_0541Bronzer (Cover Version) – In the pan this bronzer looks fairly dark, however once swatched it’s much lighter. One thing I would say  is it’s quite orangey on pale skin, but looks alright on most, like mine. The product doesn’t contain a lot of glitter and isn’t shimmery, which I really like.

Blush (Oi Cheeky) – This is a really light matte blush, perfect for everyday natural makeup looks. It isn’t overly pigmented but could be buildable. This stand out from most of my other blushes because it is completely matte and provides a natural blush.dsc_0542Face and Body glitter (glitter and sparkle) – I don’t actually own any body glitter and think it will fun to experiment and create different looks with. The glitters silver and in the shape of a star.

Nail Polish(My Nail Polish) – I believe there are 4 nail polishes in the calendar, so far I’ve only got 2: one baby pastel pink and one sliver glitter topcoat. In a shop, I would choose shades like this. The top coat very similar to a few other I own, but just contains a bit more glitter, and the pink one is a welcome new addition to my collection. The formula of these nail polishes is quite watery, which isn’t much of a problem, and dries fairly quickly.

Makeup Pencil Sharpener – I don’t really have to say about this, about from the fact that I’ve needed one of these for a while now and it does the job!


Stocking Fillers Guide – Under £10

dsc_0538It can sometimes be hard finding good quality gifts for people under £10. So for this weeks blogmas post I thought I’d share with you some of the things I’ve been loving recently, which could give ideas to buy for other people. As I said all of these gifts are under £10 and would make great stocking fillers or secret Santa gifts.dsc_0525

Rimmel – Wake Me Up Concealer £5.49

I only recently brought this concealer as my Seventeen one was running out and fancied trying something different. This product turned out to be really creamy and provides good coverage. I use this under my eyes everyday, as it’s so brightening and blends out really quick and easily. However, this concealer is definitely more for brightening under eyes than concealing blemishes, due to its coverage. The product contains vitamin E, so when you take it off at the end of the day your skin feels so smooth.

Real Techniques – Expert Face Brush £8.99

This brush literally can be used to apply any face product! When I first brought this brush I didn’t own many face brushes and wanted a multi-purpose brush to make up for it. This brush works with liquid and cream products as well, which is amazing!  The bristles are really dense, which I like to apply liquid products with and so far there’s been absolutely no fall out. This product is very good for someone who is just getting into makeup and doesn’t own much or someone who would like a more airbrushed finish.

The Body Shop – Pink Grapefruit Body Sorbet £8.00

Compared to their other body lotions, I don’t believe this one is as well known. However, I actually prefer this to their body lotions. This one’s very light weight and doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky or thick after applying it. Once on, it absorbs really quickly and smells so good. Due to the Body Shops wide range of scents, this gift is perfect for anyone.

Lush -The Comforter Shower Cream £4.95/100g

This is one of my favourite lush smells : sweet and fruity, like blackcurrant. This shower cream lathers really easily and makes your skin also super soft when you get out. Almost like I don’t need to moisturise. I also love the colour of the gel as it’s so cute. Anyone who loves sweet fruity scents, would love this as a gift.

Ice Style World – IPhone Camera Lenses Kit £5.99

The lovely people at Ice Style World sent me this to review, but this is my own opinion on the product. I personally believe this fit any phone as it just clips on top of the camera. The kit comes with a macro, a wide angle and a fisheye lens plus a handy velvet carry pouch to keep them all safe. This kit is perfect for anyone who wants something similar to DSLR, without the high cost.dsc_0537

what I Love About Christmas Time and Surprise

In this post I’m going to be revealing, probably  an obvious, surprise, so stay till the end for that. Sorry if the photography for this post doesn’t look very Christmassy , most decorations come out of the fist of December. Anyway, Christmas is my favourite time of year, along with Autumn, so it’s only natural I want to share with you why I love it so much!dsc_0152

Christmas Lights – Every year, in the car me and my sister enjoying counting the number of Christmas lights we see on car journeys. Just to see a different display and beat the previous amount, we always end up taking a different way home.  As we see more have gone up, we know it’s getting closer to Christmas. Besides that, they’re just really pretty and magical to look at, and it gives us something fun to do in the car.dsc_0461

Christmas Tree – I love everything about having a Christmas tree: choosing it, decorating it and the smell. In our family we buy a real Christmas tree yearly and make an event out of buy it, which ends up taking us around half an hour! When we decorate our tree we don’t really have a colour theme, as we have lots of ornaments and fairy lights to put on it, so it looks a bit packed; but we like it that way! I love having a traditional real tree because whenever you walk in the room you can smell pine and woodlands. Once the trees gone the room always feels bare and boring!

Christmas music and films – I often find myself watching and listening these from the middle of November, which I personally think isn’t too early! 90% of the time my computers playing Michael Buble’s  Christmas album and a 4hr long video of a fireplace, playing behind me. For films I have a whole list, and have already watched Elf, Nativity 2, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Santa Paws. At this time of year, I love to snuggle up under a blanket, watching a film, whilst writing my Christmas list or a blog post.dsc_0464

Cinnamon– This my favourite smell during Autumn and winter, as it just screams this time of year. All the candles in my room smell of cinnamon or mixed spice at this time of year. I don’t know why, but I love it sooo much!

The count down – I love the count down to Christmas it’s just gets more and more exciting as you get closer to the day. This is helped by advent calendars giving you a little treat leading up to the day. Personally, I prefer the 24 days leading up to the days than the actual day, as its always over really quickly.


For the second year running I’m going to be doing Blogmas !! As it was quite time consuming last year and I’m getting a lot more homework now, I will be doing it every few days. I’m so excited, most of the posts were drafted over the last few weeks. So look out for a second series of Blogmas 2016.




Top Tips to help you catch those ZZZZZZs

Sorry I haven’t posted on Instagram in ages now, I’ve broken my phone. At the moment I’m still trying to find a way around this to post, so for another new weeks I probably won’t be active.
Sleep is very important, more important than you may think. Getting enough sleep can lead to better health, improvement of mood and better skin. Yet knowing all this we still struggle to find enough time to fit it in our busy lives. This post has got 2 subcategories which I’ve split it into: mental and products, just to make it easier.

Mental: This is by far the hardest of all my tips, try to turn off electronics at least 20 minutes before bed, giving you a chance to clear your mind. Definitely, if you can’t sleep, checking your phone is the worst thing you can do.  Instead try reading a book or filling out a journal, both things that I do; also create a night routine and consistently stick to it. Saying that some apps, Sleep Time, are great to track your sleep statistics and set your alarm at the perfect time for you.

Products: I’ve purchased a lot of products which claim to help you get a better night’s sleep. This method isn’t actually scientifically proven, whether it’s physiological or not, I still feel like it works for me. On nights where it’s hard for me to sleep I spray my lavender spray on my pillow and apply the balm to my pressure points. This method may not work for you, but I recon it’s worth giving it a try.