Brighton Lookbook 2017 (Primark Haul)

So I asked you on Twitter, Isabelleamy7 add me up if you haven’t already, which you wanted to see first and you said this, so expect a Photo Diary next week. But, for this week I wanted to show you some of the outfits I wore whilst I was down in Brighton during the half term. Most of this stuff is new and from Primark, so I guess you could also call this my long awaited Primark Haul and if I was to do a separate post it would pretty much feature the same stuff. Also please note that as the week went on I got more and more sunburnt and the chlorine from the pool irritated my face, which explains the redness later on, so just excuse that.

Day One – Tuesday

It was sooo windy at the beach that day, so my hair was everywhere

Jeggings/jeans – New Look ( which I restyle, for more details see here )

Harvard T-Shirt – H&M

Denim Jacket – Primark

Nude Sunglasses – Primark



Day Two – Wednesday

Rose Embroidered Top – Primark

Denim Pinafore – Primark

Pink Rucksack – Fjallraven Classic Kanken In Pastel Pink

Pink/ Rose Gold Watch – New Look



Day Three – Thursday

Blue and white Gingham top – Primark

Denim Shorts – New Look



Every single day I wore my Black Adidas Superstars – there not my only shoes, I promise !!









My Safari Trip – Longleat Lookbook

For my Mum’s birthday my family took a day trip to Longleat and left late to watch the 50th anniversary fireworks, and I loved it. First, we went round the safari bit, where you drive through the animals enclosures in the car. This is where you saw most of the larger more exciting animals;this turned out to be my favourite bit and where I took most of my photos. However, the best bit for me was driving through the cheeky monkeys, who like to crawl around on your car and steal pieces. My dad didn’t want us to do this bit, due to his new car, but we did anyways and luckily nothing got stolen or broken. Then, drove through the lion, tigers and cheetahs which was actually really scary as some got really close to our car.
Later on, we got the boat past gorilla island, which was home to their 50 year old gorilla, who in his old age looked quite sad. In water around us were lots of sea lions; who you could feed, which attracted a lot of seagull’s attention, so I stayed inside the boat! Around the park there were more animals like red pandas and ant eaters, which was very interesting. Sorry for so many pictures but I just couldn’t decided so I put a few more than usual in.