New Garnier Skin Active skin care 


In Boots the other day, I spotted a stand of new GArnier skincare products, which I hadn’t seen advertised before. Turns out they were being introduced to stores and we’re at a discount. There are 4 different styles of product for oily to very dry skin, available in a cleanser toner and moisturiser. Each type has a natural ingredient to benefit their skin type which I
In store, there were actually these little cards which would help you recognise your skin type and which type of product to buy. Before, I’d always been guessing my skin type based upon stuff I’ve read on online. All you had to do was pop out the little card and hold it on your forehead for 3 seconds, yes this was a bit arkward in the centre of Boot ( oh well !). Then you need to compare it the pictures on the card for each skin type, and I came out as Very dry/ dry – sensitive.
As my skins been very irritated recently, I decided to pick up the one for sensitive skin. Each product includes rose water, which is known for its soothing and hydrating properties. All of these products contain 96% natural ingredients, so you know it won’t irritate your skin. At the moment I’m only trialing the cleansing milk and moisturiser, but will definitely be looking to purchasing the toner. DSC_1288

Before this, I hadn’t used a cleansing milk before but they sound amazing for dry skin. To use the Soothing Botanical Cleansing Milk, all you have to do is apply it to a cotton pad and your good to go ! I use this to remove all my makeup and cleanse my skin. This works just as well as Micellar Water from Garnier, which is something I never thought I’d say. And I’ll go as far as saying this is even better at removing mascara ! After using this my skin feels really soft and not irritated, like most other products.this

Moving on to the moisturiser, this is actually a Botanical Day Cream, however I use it at night because it’s so good. Again this claim to hydrate and soothe, which it definitely does. After using this my skin feels so so so soft, literally like fresh skin !! The cream is also enriched with antioxidants to protect your skin during the day, which is really useful.

I definitely think Garnier New Skinactive Range is worth checking out as it cares for everyone different skin type needs, and definitely won’t irritate or cause redness due to it being 96% natural.


How to get clearer skin(updated skincare routine)

Remove your makeup – This is one of the worst things you can do for your skin as it clogs your pores whilst you sleep. No matter how tired you are you should always do this. I recommend taking your makeup off a couple of hours before you go to bed, as you’ll find it much easier and less of a chore. To do this I use the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, which I’ve been using for around 2 years now. It removes your makeup effortlessly without drying out your skin . It also doesn’t need rinsing, so it’s really quick and easy to use. I definitely recommend you try it out.dsc_0897

Use Products for you skin type – It’s really important that you use products for your skin type because you might be drying out your skin more. I have dry to normal skin, so I try to use quite a heavy moisturiser and products that don’t dry my skin out.  To moisturise I use the Boots essentials Moisturising Cucumber Cream, this product is for all skin types but is quite thick. It makes my skin really smooth, without being to oily. I love that it has antioxidants to protect skin from environmental damage, which I haven’t seen before. dsc_0899

Stick to a simple routine – Once you’ve found products that work for you keep using them, don’t vary your routine too much. The only difference between my morning and night routine is my cleanser. In the morning, I want my routine to be as quick and easy as possible, so I use the Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion. In one step this absorbs excess oil and cleanses my skin to prevent spots, which I’ve found has helped my skin a lot. At night, I have more time to deeply cleanse my skin. At the moment, I’ve been loving the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Cream Wash. First of all it smells amazing, I chose the cream wash so it doesn’t dry out my skin. This product also does a good job at preventing spots and blackheads.

Try out different products – Recently I’ve discovered different spot treatments, exfoliating face pads, face masks and eye gels. Dream Dots kindly sent me their product to try out and I’ve found them really useful in getting rid of any spots. All you have to is apply one of the patches to spot overnight and the spots all most gone in the morning. Use the code Dream10 to get 10% off, as they’re worth trying out.I’ve also been loving the facial pads to wash my face with as they really gentle on my skin an do a much better job than my hands.




After Christmas Haul

After Christmas one of the positive things is the Christmas Sales, where shops sell of all their Christmas stock. In places like Boots and Lush, you can pick up some things for half price only a few days after Christmas. Here are some of the things I’ve picked up in the sale or just brought with Christmas money and love already.dsc_0792

Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel – This smells just like Turkish delight, which I love. It also has argon oil in it which makes it really moisturising on your skin. It lathers really easily and leaves your skin smelling really good for a couple of hours.

Lush Sugar Plum Fairy Lip scrub – I’ve always though Lush lip scrubs were a little on the pricy side for what they are and couldn’t wait to try one at half the price. One thing about the product is it’s filled right to the top of the pot so you get your moneys worth. It smells lovely and sweet, a bit like the comforter, and is great for anyone with dry lips. I love to use this before I put on a liquid lipstick, so it applies smoothly.

Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Gel – This is a new skin care essential for me as it works so well. It absorbs into your skin really quickly and doesn’t take long to moisturise and hydrate your under eye area. After a few days of using this my eye area already seems less puffy and much brighter. dsc_0793

Clean and Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion – I’ve only used this product twice, so I can’t really review it properly yet. So far this has felt really nice on my skin and has absorbed any excess oil without being too drying on my skin. I can’t wait to keep using this product and see if it continues to impress me.

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara – This is in the shade transparent as I prefer to use pencil and powder to shape my brows. However, this great for setting your brows after that. The brush has a round bit at the end of it, which I’ve found really useful to get all the hairs covered.dsc_0796

Nyx Lip Lingerie Lace Detail 03 – I finally decided to this a try after wanting it for ages, the shade I picked up is a really nice pinkie nude for everyday. However, the first couple of times I’ve used it it’s felt quite thick on my lips and is really drying. This hasn’t stopped me wearing this though as it’s such a nice colour.dsc_0797


Stocking Fillers Guide – Under £10

dsc_0538It can sometimes be hard finding good quality gifts for people under £10. So for this weeks blogmas post I thought I’d share with you some of the things I’ve been loving recently, which could give ideas to buy for other people. As I said all of these gifts are under £10 and would make great stocking fillers or secret Santa gifts.dsc_0525

Rimmel – Wake Me Up Concealer £5.49

I only recently brought this concealer as my Seventeen one was running out and fancied trying something different. This product turned out to be really creamy and provides good coverage. I use this under my eyes everyday, as it’s so brightening and blends out really quick and easily. However, this concealer is definitely more for brightening under eyes than concealing blemishes, due to its coverage. The product contains vitamin E, so when you take it off at the end of the day your skin feels so smooth.

Real Techniques – Expert Face Brush £8.99

This brush literally can be used to apply any face product! When I first brought this brush I didn’t own many face brushes and wanted a multi-purpose brush to make up for it. This brush works with liquid and cream products as well, which is amazing!  The bristles are really dense, which I like to apply liquid products with and so far there’s been absolutely no fall out. This product is very good for someone who is just getting into makeup and doesn’t own much or someone who would like a more airbrushed finish.

The Body Shop – Pink Grapefruit Body Sorbet £8.00

Compared to their other body lotions, I don’t believe this one is as well known. However, I actually prefer this to their body lotions. This one’s very light weight and doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky or thick after applying it. Once on, it absorbs really quickly and smells so good. Due to the Body Shops wide range of scents, this gift is perfect for anyone.

Lush -The Comforter Shower Cream £4.95/100g

This is one of my favourite lush smells : sweet and fruity, like blackcurrant. This shower cream lathers really easily and makes your skin also super soft when you get out. Almost like I don’t need to moisturise. I also love the colour of the gel as it’s so cute. Anyone who loves sweet fruity scents, would love this as a gift.

Ice Style World – IPhone Camera Lenses Kit £5.99

The lovely people at Ice Style World sent me this to review, but this is my own opinion on the product. I personally believe this fit any phone as it just clips on top of the camera. The kit comes with a macro, a wide angle and a fisheye lens plus a handy velvet carry pouch to keep them all safe. This kit is perfect for anyone who wants something similar to DSLR, without the high cost.dsc_0537

Daily skin care routine

Other the past year, I’ve only just began creating using a beauty routine that works for me, as before I was just using basic products. Now I feel like I’ve found a way to combat spots, blemishes and oil while keeping a smooth protected face. Especially now that I’m a teenager, comment below if you would like me to post a ‘What I got for my birthday’.

Every morning and night, I first wash my face with the Witch ‘ Pore minimising gel wash’ as it’s really gentle on  my face and clears up and redness or spots. I tone using a DIY tee tree toner, I might do a blog post on how to make this. Then I moisturise using the Simple ‘Hydrating light moisturiser’ this gives me skin natural bounce and plump without making my face too oily.

  Every night I use the Garnier ‘Micellar Water’ to remove my makeup. I love this so much as it removes water proof makeup easily as isn’t harsh on skin, as it leaves really soft. However if I’m feeling really tired and lazy, I just use ‘sensitive skin wipes’ from Superdrug. Finally, before I go to bed, I use Superdrug’s ‘pore cleansing pads, which I’m also going to be doing a separate review on.

To keep my skin at its best I do a weekly face mask and use a face scrub, my favourite one at the moment is The T Zones ‘blackhead and pore fighting scrub’. This scrubs really fine so it doesn’t hurt my skin, it also has tee tree oil, an antibacterial, in so it also helps to fight against spots.