My Mum does my makeup – natural Spring look

DSC_1258DSC_1085So, I’ve delayed my Primark Haul to mid next week so I can me have more time on it, as I only purchased the stuff yesterday! So instead I’ve decided to do something abit different, this was actually my mum’s idea. But I haven’t actually seen anyone do it in a blog post before. This was really fun to do and would love to try something like this again … Cue the awkward close ups 🙂


My mum decided to go for a very natural as she doesn’t think I need makeup.  As an overview, my skin was very fresh and natural with only concealer and minimal powder. On top of that, she subtly bronzed to define my cheekbones, used a soft shimmer highlight and applied a darker blush. My mum then filled in any sparse areas in my brows and set then with a gel. My eyes are very natural, with only nude tones. Then she used a very thick mascara to define the lashes. Finally, for my statement lip, my mum chose a bright pink which I think looks really cute for spring.

What She used :

  • Collection Lasting Perfection, Fair 1
  • Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer, Ivory
  • Rimmel Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder, Transparent
  • W7 Cheeky Trio Pallete, Dream Machine Bronzer
  • Seventeen The Cheek Of It Blush , Nude
  • MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter, Iridescent Gold
  • Seventeen Brow’s That! Brow Kit, Brown
  • Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Palette, 1 White Chocolate & 3 biscuit & Chocolate Milk
  • Soap And Glory Thick And Fast Mascara, Black
  • Nyx Soft Matte Creams, 03 Stockholm



Testing Makeup Gallery – Collab

For the those of you who aren’t aware, Makeup Gallery is Poundland’s signature makeup brand. Each product being only a pound, sometimes there products are assumed to be poor quality. With this in mind, we decided to test it to see if there’s any bargin pieces. This a colab with Lifestylebeautyandme, One of my best friends and a really good blogger, who’s just starting out.
Gorgeous Flawless Foundation, 02 Warm Ivory – I was actually surprised by the vast shade range, I think there were 8 different shades, as I’d heard some other people complain about this. We picked up shade 2, which is surprisingly quite dark. This foundation felt a nice consistency – thick but watery. Once blended in it didn’t making any difference to be honest and you needed to apply quite a thick layer for decent coverage.
Hide and Chic concealer, 01 Ivory – I’ve only tried a stick concealer once before so was very excited to try this. We brought the lightest shade hoping to use this on our under eyes. This concealer stick isn’t very creamy, so it drags your skin when you apply it. We found it very hard to blend this in with a brush or beauty blender and resulted to using our fingers. Once it was fully blended I found it lurked in your creases but provided very good coverage.
Smoothly Does It Pressed Powder, 1 transparent – This powder looks very yellow in the pan, but isn’t too noticeable once applied. All I have to say about it is it does it’s job! It doesn’t do an amazing job, but it isn’t too heavy or long lasting. I think this would be quite good for baking under your eyes as it’s quite thick.
Good To Glow Matte Bronzer, 2 medium – Again this was quite orange and not recommended for people with very fair skin. On the positive side, it blended out really easily and is subtle but buildable.
Feeling Blush Blush, 3 Spice – This was one of my favourite products, which was surprising as we got a darker shade than usual, all they had. It took no effort to blend as it wasn’t very pigmented. I would describe the colour as cute, as it’s really natural and subtle.
Good To Glow Highlighting Powder, 1 Pearl Shimmer – I actually owned this before and use it a lot. It’s really nice and shimmery, without having too much glitter in it. Like the other face products it’s very subtle and natural, perfect for anyone looking for a good highlighter on a budget.
Never Ending Story Mascara, 2 Black – In the shop there was a choice of two or three different mascaras, but we chose a lengthening one. The brush was very thick and fluffy which I liked. One coat provided a very natural look, whereas a few more made your lashes look much thicker and longer.
Colour Story Eye Shadow, 8 Mocha –  This was the only colour of eye shadow our local store sold, but it’s a really nice shimmery medium brown shade – perfect for any eye look. It blends in really easily and has enough pigment. Next time I’m in Poundland I’d love to see if they have any more colours, apparently there are 20 different shades.
Shine On Lip Gloss – On their Instagram page, I saw some Matte Liquid Lipsticks, however they didn’t sell them either. I really hated this product, it was very thick, sticky and gloopy to apply. If your have any dry patches it would cling to them. The product claimed to have intense colour, instead it made your lips look really thick. Definitely, not worth purchasing.
Overall, I think they have an impressive shade range, however not all their stock varies throughout stores. Before, buy any of their makeup I suggest reading a review before you purchase any of it. dsc_0810

After Christmas Haul

After Christmas one of the positive things is the Christmas Sales, where shops sell of all their Christmas stock. In places like Boots and Lush, you can pick up some things for half price only a few days after Christmas. Here are some of the things I’ve picked up in the sale or just brought with Christmas money and love already.dsc_0792

Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel – This smells just like Turkish delight, which I love. It also has argon oil in it which makes it really moisturising on your skin. It lathers really easily and leaves your skin smelling really good for a couple of hours.

Lush Sugar Plum Fairy Lip scrub – I’ve always though Lush lip scrubs were a little on the pricy side for what they are and couldn’t wait to try one at half the price. One thing about the product is it’s filled right to the top of the pot so you get your moneys worth. It smells lovely and sweet, a bit like the comforter, and is great for anyone with dry lips. I love to use this before I put on a liquid lipstick, so it applies smoothly.

Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Gel – This is a new skin care essential for me as it works so well. It absorbs into your skin really quickly and doesn’t take long to moisturise and hydrate your under eye area. After a few days of using this my eye area already seems less puffy and much brighter. dsc_0793

Clean and Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion – I’ve only used this product twice, so I can’t really review it properly yet. So far this has felt really nice on my skin and has absorbed any excess oil without being too drying on my skin. I can’t wait to keep using this product and see if it continues to impress me.

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara – This is in the shade transparent as I prefer to use pencil and powder to shape my brows. However, this great for setting your brows after that. The brush has a round bit at the end of it, which I’ve found really useful to get all the hairs covered.dsc_0796

Nyx Lip Lingerie Lace Detail 03 – I finally decided to this a try after wanting it for ages, the shade I picked up is a really nice pinkie nude for everyday. However, the first couple of times I’ve used it it’s felt quite thick on my lips and is really drying. This hasn’t stopped me wearing this though as it’s such a nice colour.dsc_0797


Autumn Tag 2016

I’ve seen loads of bloggers doing this, and thought it look fun. It’s the perfect chance to tell you more about my favourite season: Autumn. I tag anyone who wants to do it,  I wasn’t tagged directly to do this post.

Favourite Thing?

There’s so much to love: the clothing, the colours, the temperature; but for me I think it’s the photo opportunities. During this time of year I feel really inspired to take photos and blog about what’s going on, so expect a lot more from me. It doesn’t help knowing Christmas is just around the corner, eeek!!!

Desired hot drink

The clique thing to say here is a PSL, Pumpkin spiced latte, but I’m going to tell the truth is that I’ve never tried one. Instead, I much prefer a hot chocolate any day.  They’re just so good, topped with whipped cream and marshmallows, mmmm!

Seasonal scent/candle

My favourite scent by far, is mixed spice and cinnamon, which to me screams autumn. With that in mind, I love the cinnamon stick Yankee Candle and Christmas memories Yankee Candle, they’re just warm and comforting smells.

Favourite Lipstick

Does it count that I have 2 completely different shades: a deeper plump colour and a brighter scarlet colour. The first ones, Rimmel’s Kate Moss Lasting Finish, this is such a gorgeous shade that doesn’t wash you out. I’ve found myself wearing it loads. My other choice is Seventeen’s Mega Matte Lipsticks, in the shade Lava A lot, it so different to the shades I’d normally wear. Find links to my reviews on those products, here and here.

Eye look and colour

At this time of year I love a burgundy matte lid with a shimmery crease. Using my favourite pallete of all time, Seventeen’s Easy On The Eye, I take the colour 9 Bronzed Buff all over my lid. Then blend 8 Baked Chestnut into the outer V and put some shimmer, 1 Gentle Pink, into the crease.

Go to outfit

My most recent purchase was a bomber jacket. As you might of guessed, I love wearing it over a black pinafore and Superstars. It’s so comfy and is really versatile.

Autumn Activity
As I mentioned before, going for walks out and taking my camera, it’s just one of my favourite things to do. As I mentioned before Autumn is in my opinion the most photogenic season. Even though, I’ve been finding it hard to make time for this recently.

New Seventeen Makeup- First Impressions

The kind people at Seventeen Makeup, sent a few samples to try out; however this is in no way sponsored. Seventeen is a really good quality affordable makeup brand, who do some amazing palettes. Their makeup is mainly aimed at beginners, but is suitable for anyone.

 Brow’s That! Brow kit
This kit is amazing for beginners! It contains almost everything you could ever need to make your brows on fleek. Before all I was using was a pencil and gel, this have completely made me up my game! The pencil and wax are both really pigmented and glide on, with the help of the small brush. It also includes a setting powder and a highlighter, so it’s a really good kit for your money. I think this kit is perfect for anyone, one improvement would be more shades as there are only 3 to choose from.

Instant Glow Cream Bronzer
So far this product has be really good, it’s quite pigmented and provides a really natural glow. This product is really buildable being a cream product, but takes some effort to blend out. Based on the pigmentation, this product is ideal for subtle and natural contouring. What I really love about this product is that it’s matte, because I don’t really like shimmery bronzers.

Mega matte Lipsticks
As you probably already know from my last post, I already owned 2 pinkish shades of these lipsticks and I loved them, you can read my review here. Seventeen sent me two shades I would never of picked out for my self: ‘Violet Summer’, a bright purple and ‘Lava You Alot’ a lighter purple shade.  I won’t rant on about these as these are just as good as the other ones and I really recommend these.

Easy on the Eye Palette
This is also another product which I already own, review here. but I have started to reach the pan on some colours already. This is the ‘Birthday Suit’ palette, which contains really beautiful nudes. Inside you get a primer, 3 metallic creams, a collection of 8 shimmer, matte and pearl, and a dual ended bristled applicator. Again this a really nice palette for beginners and is great value for money.

Summer Favourites – baking tutorial

I think it’s now officially safe to say that summer is officially over and we’re now into autumn, my favorite time of year (Darker makeup, Hot Chocolates and falling leaves; ugh!) These favorites are suitable for summer and early autumn, which is why I chose most of them.

These are fairly new releases, which I’ve been waiting so long for, and are hard to get your hands on depending on your area. It took me 3 different boots stores to find the shades I wanted. The shades I brought were, ‘Nude News’, a lighter pastel pink, perfect for everyday wear; and ‘The Coral Of The Story’, a bolder pink. 
These lipsticks claim to be 13 hours, which I haven’t testing yet, however from the moment you put them on you can feel their stay power. These lipstick are really matte, so can be a little bit drying, nothing a bit of lip balm can’t solve. They’re creamy, meaning they glide on almost effortlessly. These have definitely become a new favorite of mine.
This palette contains 2 blushes, Antique blush and Pomegranate blush, and 4 eyeshadows, different shades from the Vintage Romance i-Divine palette. All the shades in this palette are deep blues and purples, perfect for a bold smokey eye. I love the pinker blush at this time of year, as it’s bold and shimmer whilst still looking natural. I think this is the perfect palette for anyone beginning to transition into a bolder, darker look, and doesn’t want to buy lots of separate palettes.
This stuff is AMAZING!! I find myself wearing it all the time. The formula is really lightweight and moisturizing, making it feel like you’re wearing nothing at all!It instantly sinks in to your skin and is just so easy to apply. Your skin has a beautiful natural glow; however it can look a bit greasy without powder over the top. The coverage is really light, perfect for this time of year, but is buildable with over products. Overall, the product doesn’t crease and is perfect for someone wanting little coverage.

Seventeen Stay Time Concealer  and Rimmel Transparent Powder
I’ve put these two products together, as it’s less of just the products I’ve been loving, it’s more of a technique. When to products I’ve recently been loving baking me concealer under my eyes. Using this, it instantly provides me with so much more coverage and just brightens. The concealer I use for Seventeen is really long lasting, 18 hrs, and blends out really nicely. I just take my concealer and put it in a triangle under my eyes and blend it out a bit.
The powder I’m using is really fine milled and controls and blocked pores. Then I take a thick layer of powder on to my beauty blender and just layer it up.  Next you just wait …, some people like to leave it for five minutes others twenty, depending on how much time you have. Finally you just brush away the powder, which can get a bit messy. Now your concealer looks poreless and stays matte all day.

Lush Teo Deodorant Bar
I’ve never send anyone else review this from Lush, but it deserves much more recognition. The product is really gentle on skin but still provides the absorbancy, of a roll or spray on. The citrus oils in it make it smell so powerful and refreshing, I can literally smell from the other side of the room right now! When you first use it looks like it’s going to crumble all over the floor, once the flowers on the top had fallen off, that was it. This is a must have for anyone looking for a really natural and gentle alternative.

Pandora Delicate Heart Ring
I’ve had this ring for a while now, and I just think it’s soooo cute. I love to wear and have found it goes with anything.

Three new lip products

Recently, I’ve been getting more adventurous with lip colours I’m wearing, usually I just stick to nude pinks. This meant that I could go down to Boots and buy a load more products. You’ve already seen one of these products but I love it so much I thought I might as well show you it again.

NYX Butter Gloss

NYX is now available in the Boots near me, and I’m so happy as it means I can get it really easily. At the time I only picked up one product as I’d already brought a lot of makeup already. I got a ‘Butter Gloss’ in the shade 05, Crème Brulee. It feels really smooth and moisturising on and provides a bright colour. This is more for day wear as it’s a bright nude/pink.

 Revlon’s Ultra HD Matte Lip colour

I’ve already reviewed this for you but since then I’ve been using it lots of times. It provides long lasting colour that lasts for hours. Once dried it’s only matte if you put on quite a thick layer, I have found out since writing that blog post.

 Lasting Finish By Kate Lipsticks

I picked up 3 of these as it was 3 for 2, and who doesn’t love a bargain. Anyway, these lipsticks apply really smoothly and last up to 8 hours without eating or drinking. the ones in the black case have a gloss finish; they’re in the shades 03, a beige shade with peachy tones, and 08, a darker plumy pink. With these shades I wouldn’t really go for but they both suit almost any skin tone. The other one in the red packaging is a matte one, it dries matte but does go patchy or make my lips feel dry. That ones in the shade 101, the lightest matte shade, it’s a rosy bright pink.

Revlon HD ultra matte lipcolour

Blog update : posting every Saturday

After I reading lots of positive reviews, I knew I would have to buy this. I brought this in she shade addiction, which is a bright berry colour. When applying this it goes on really smoothly as it’s application is cushions your lips. The colour is really bright so you don’t need to apply much before it goes too strong. I love the colour, it really is HD.

Once it’s dried, it does really go matte, as t’s still fairly shiny so don’t expect complete matte. The colours stays for a couple of hours, before needing touch ups. However, when eating or drinking it sometimes rubs away. If you have chapped lips I suggest using a lip scrub first, or else it will go on roughly. The product smells really good putting it on and wearing it, a bit like fake cherry.

This isn’t a lipstick or lip gloss, not even a liquid lipstick. I don’t really know how to describe it, while it’s on it feels weight less like a lipstick but applies like a liquid lipstick or gloss.

Overall, it is a great product and doesn’t cost very much. The colour’s really strong and lasts for a long time; but it’s not very matte, like I was expecting.