How I restyled my old jeggings


DSC_2021DSC_2033  I’ve had these jeggings for a least 2 years now, but hadn’t worn them in ages as they became too small and not my style. However only recently I decided to experiment and try to switch them up, as they were just sitting in my wardrobe taking up space. But I actually really like the colour of these jeans so wanted to try and recycle them. I decided to share this with you to try and inspire you to try this out if you have some old jeans and give you some tips.

Before the bottom of the jeans rested just a bit above my ancle which I didn’t like. So I just triple folded the hem over so that the lighter part of jean is on show and they’re much shorter, now it’s around one inch. Personally, I much prefer it this way, however you can change it any way you want.

Another thing I wanted to try ripping them across the knee. After watching multiple videos on YouTube and reading blog posts, I figured out the easiest way. All I took was a some sand paper, or a nail file in my case, chalk and a tweezers. If you’re a bit wary, I suggest just doing this to a small part of jeans and gradually building it up.

1.whilst wearing the jeans, I used the chalk to mark out a line where I want the slit to be. For me this was a bit above the knee. The chalk will easy brush off and won’t damage the jeans.

2.Then, after I’d taken the jeans off, I used the emery board to work away at the denim. I used the file to gently buff across the jean, then in small circles. This took quite awhile, as I was using a nail file. Another tip is that this was very messy and caused lots of balls of denim to go fly off so I recommend being careful.

3.Just before you break all the way through the jeans, you can just see the light through them, put them back on. This will allow you to make a more natural slit. For me, just by bending my leg, my knee broke through the bit I’d work away at before.

4. If you want the outer part the be more frayed, simply pull out a few threads using the tweezers. Similarly to get to get threads going across pull threads out underneath. What I love about this is it’s so simple and can be done to any pair of jeans and honestly couldn’t tell the difference between the DIY and a shop brought pair. If you wish you can rip anywhere the jeans anywhere. DSC_2022