Makeup storage

Today I decided to show you guys how I store my makeup as I find these really interesting to watch on YouTube and tried to recreate it on my blog. For each section, I’ll tell you some of my favourite product, but not all of them. dsc_1083I store all my makeup, in the Alex 9 Drawers from Ikea, which is so predictable and basic aha ! I got these for Christmas and  I really like these as they’re really thin and fit neatly in the corner of my room and as they’re so tall I can fit all my beauty and skincare products in them. Most of my makeup is stored in takeaway tubs, as they’re free and can fit perfectly into the drawers.

On the top of my drawers, I have a lipstick holder from Tk Maxx, where I store all my lip-glosses, liquid lipsticks and lipsticks which I regularly. Some of my favourites are the Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid in the shade 50 , Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker and Nyx Lip lingerie in the shade . Next to that I keep all my brushes in a fake skura pot from Hobby Craft, I’m not going to talk about these as I have a blog post planned. Finally, at the front I keep my Mac Lipstick in the shade Velvet Teddy, which is my absolute favourite.


In the first drawer, I keep the majority of my makeup. I’m going to start down in the front left, where I keep all my concealers and brow products. As concealer is my favourite makeup product, I just love trying out new ones which explains why I have so many !! On a daily basis I use the Collection Lasting Perfection and Rimmel Wake Me Up.

Next to that, I keep all my foundations and only primer : Barry M Hydro Water. I don’t really wear foundation, but really love The Rimmel Lasting Finish which provides really high coverage. Behind my concealers, are my face products : blush, powder, highlighter. I really like The I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts Blush as it’s such a nice colour, I also really like the Technic Liquid Highlighter.


Right at the back, I have my mascaras and eye liners. Again, this is a bit of a full tub as I also really love mascara. Out of them all,  I reach for The Maybelline Lash Sensational or Seventeen’s Super Lash, as they both make my eyelashes look really long and curly. Finally, in the last part of this drawer I just keep my small brushes, Beauty Blenders and single small products. This section is abit random as they’re too small to put anywhere else. One of my favourite single eyeshadows is from MUA, which is in the Copper and it’s just so perfect!

In my second drawer, I just keep all my pallets and lip products. I have quite a few pallets, mostly eyeshadow. My all time favourite is Easy On The Eye from Seventeen, which includes the most gorgeous range of nude shades. However, I ‘ve recently been loving The Pink Fizz palette from I Heart Makeup as it includes lots of colours abit out of my comfort zone, which I like experimenting with.


I’d love to do a whole Alex 9 Drawer Tour, so let me know down below in the comments if that’s something you’re interested in!




Testing Benefit minis

Being a student, I don’t want to spend lots of money on a variety of high end products, when they stock minis. Not owning many high end products, I wasn’t sure if they were worth the splurge and decided to buy the minis. I mean the minis are much cuter in my opinion and are great if you want to test out a product.

Boi-ing and Eye Bright

 Both of these came in the same pallete and cost the same as the other items (I love a 2 for 1).  First, Boi-ing is my new favourite under eye concealer due to its amazing coverage, unlike any product I’d tried before. This product blends out flawlessly due to its really creamy consistency and doesn’t crease or wear  away.

When I first used eye bright, I was a bit confused with its purpose, as it was unlike anything I’ve ever used before. After I realised it was to be used as a eye highlighter on the inner corners, rather than all over (what was I thinking!) I actually quite like the product. This instantly makes you look wide awake, making people believe you’ve had your full 9 hours of sleep; when you’ve really only had 5 or 6.


First of all, the colour and pigmentation of this product is amazing! It blends really nicely, leaving you with a beautiful rosy pink shade. However, you have to blend it quickly before it dries. What drew me to this product was the packaging as I think it’s so cute.

BADgal Lash

This product was a disappointment, compared to the 3 products. The brush looked really promising when I first opened the product : full and volumining. Once applied the product made my lashes look very natural, not the full, volume stated. Throughout the day, this mascara began to flake under my eyes.


Out of all the products, this is by far my favourite. It’s just such a natural shine, proving a beautiful dusty pink illumination. It blend really nicely and is perfect for any makeup look. This product is my new holy grail! I’m looking into buying the full sized of this product.