Pumpkin Picking

Hey guys, welcome back …

I know it been another long time, too long in fact, I know it’s so bad. On a more positive note, last weekend I went pumpkin picking! Every autumn Pinterest is full cute of pictures of pumpkin fields, I’ve always wanted to go but never have done. So this year, my mum found pumpkins at our local P.Y.O farm. I found it so fun scouring the field for the perfect pumpkin whilst pushing a wheelbarrow. Overall, I think it’s such a cute and fun place to go with friends or family.

In this post I’m wearing a navy Ralph Lauren Jumper, High waisted Jeans from New Look, black leather belt from Next and my Classic black Adidas Superstars. This jumper is actually my mums from a year back, so I guess you could say it’s thrifted. It’s perfectly oversized, thick and comfy.



Autumn Tag 2016

I’ve seen loads of bloggers doing this, and thought it look fun. It’s the perfect chance to tell you more about my favourite season: Autumn. I tag anyone who wants to do it,  I wasn’t tagged directly to do this post.

Favourite Thing?

There’s so much to love: the clothing, the colours, the temperature; but for me I think it’s the photo opportunities. During this time of year I feel really inspired to take photos and blog about what’s going on, so expect a lot more from me. It doesn’t help knowing Christmas is just around the corner, eeek!!!

Desired hot drink

The clique thing to say here is a PSL, Pumpkin spiced latte, but I’m going to tell the truth is that I’ve never tried one. Instead, I much prefer a hot chocolate any day.  They’re just so good, topped with whipped cream and marshmallows, mmmm!

Seasonal scent/candle

My favourite scent by far, is mixed spice and cinnamon, which to me screams autumn. With that in mind, I love the cinnamon stick Yankee Candle and Christmas memories Yankee Candle, they’re just warm and comforting smells.

Favourite Lipstick

Does it count that I have 2 completely different shades: a deeper plump colour and a brighter scarlet colour. The first ones, Rimmel’s Kate Moss Lasting Finish, this is such a gorgeous shade that doesn’t wash you out. I’ve found myself wearing it loads. My other choice is Seventeen’s Mega Matte Lipsticks, in the shade Lava A lot, it so different to the shades I’d normally wear. Find links to my reviews on those products, here and here.

Eye look and colour

At this time of year I love a burgundy matte lid with a shimmery crease. Using my favourite pallete of all time, Seventeen’s Easy On The Eye, I take the colour 9 Bronzed Buff all over my lid. Then blend 8 Baked Chestnut into the outer V and put some shimmer, 1 Gentle Pink, into the crease.

Go to outfit

My most recent purchase was a bomber jacket. As you might of guessed, I love wearing it over a black pinafore and Superstars. It’s so comfy and is really versatile.

Autumn Activity
As I mentioned before, going for walks out and taking my camera, it’s just one of my favourite things to do. As I mentioned before Autumn is in my opinion the most photogenic season. Even though, I’ve been finding it hard to make time for this recently.

Autumn Nail Polish Transition

During Autumn, we begin to start wearing much darker colours:reds, browns, purples and oranges. However like some other people I’m not really a fan of bold colors on my nails as I find it draws more attention to chipping. So I tried to include some bolder and some more natural colors in this.

Ted Baker Nail Polish

This shade has no name, I got this in a set of 4 and all of the colors are really cute; however out of them all this is my favorite for autumn. This colors a really deep plum colour for any occasion. It’s really shiny and lasts for a good week.

Rimmel London Lycra Pro- 416 Night Flight

This colour is more or less the same as the last one apart from its’s much lighter and brighter. Out of all of all of these this has the best formula: it’s anti chip, long lasting and anti-fade for up to 10 days. The product claims this, but I totally agree with it. Also the brush to apply it with is really sturdy and wide meaning you can do the whole nail in one go.


Makeup Gallery Time To Shine-16 Ruby Red

Out of all of these, this one isn’t the best, but I love the color so much. It’s just a really nice shade of cherry red. One positive is it’s really quick drying and has a nice sign. I don’t really have much to say about this one as the formula is the greatest and chips after a couple of days.

Nail Colour Collection Next – Well Jel and Purple Haze

Again both of these came in the same set of nail polishes which all dry with a different effect. Purple Haze- a dirty pink shade- dries glossy gel effect and Well Jel- a beautiful pastelish pink- which dries matte. The first one can be worn on any occasion due to it’s natural colour and gloss finish. However, due to the amount of glitter in the second one I would only wear it on special occasions, maybe to a party.