My Latest Eyebrow Product Discovery

I’ve recently discovered an new holy grail product that has completely transformed my eyebrow routine ! Before, previous eyebrow routine, I was using the powder from the Seventeen ‘ Brows This Way’ Pallette. But with the recent hype of the ‘ Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. Being mainly a Drugstore girl, I wanted to find a dupe to ease me into the Pomade Craze, as I’ve never used one before. After some research I discover the perfect longwear product. This is the Freedom Pro Brow Pomade !! They have an amazing 11 shades to choose from so your bound to find yours. So today I’m going to tell you why this is my new favourite product. 

First of all this product is so cheap for the quality of the product, for £5 you can get a decent sized pot. Personally, I only need to put the tiniest bit on my brush to do both eyebrows, so the product will last me a long time. If you read my Eye Brow Routine, then you know I like to keep my brows natural. This product is really easily buildable which means it’s also perfect for people who like bold defined brows. The formula of this product is very smooth and creamy, which allows for easy application. This product claims to be waterproof and smudge proof, and so far I’ve had no problems with that so far. 

This product is so long wearing and still looks the same in the evening, as to when you put it on in the morning. To use this I dip a angled brush into the pot, so that the smallest bit is on the brush. Then starting underneath the brow I just line it and do the same for the top. To finish I just fill in any sparse areas with any remain product and I’m done.  I still recommend setting this with a brow gel, just so the product get evenly brushed throughout your brows and any strays are tamed. This whole process  only takes me 3 minutes maximum, about half than my previous. I’ve also heard that if you warm the product up on the back of your hand it applies much smoother, however I’m yet to try that. 

Overall I’ve been absolutely loving it. I recommend trying it out if you love The A.B.H Dipbrow as cheaper alternative, almost a third of the price I think, or if you’ve never tried an eyebrow pomade before. Either way let me know what you think .. 

@lucajg3 👍🏻

Brighton Lookbook 2017 (Primark Haul)

So I asked you on Twitter, Isabelleamy7 add me up if you haven’t already, which you wanted to see first and you said this, so expect a Photo Diary next week. But, for this week I wanted to show you some of the outfits I wore whilst I was down in Brighton during the half term. Most of this stuff is new and from Primark, so I guess you could also call this my long awaited Primark Haul and if I was to do a separate post it would pretty much feature the same stuff. Also please note that as the week went on I got more and more sunburnt and the chlorine from the pool irritated my face, which explains the redness later on, so just excuse that.

Day One – Tuesday

It was sooo windy at the beach that day, so my hair was everywhere

Jeggings/jeans – New Look ( which I restyle, for more details see here )

Harvard T-Shirt – H&M

Denim Jacket – Primark

Nude Sunglasses – Primark



Day Two – Wednesday

Rose Embroidered Top – Primark

Denim Pinafore – Primark

Pink Rucksack – Fjallraven Classic Kanken In Pastel Pink

Pink/ Rose Gold Watch – New Look



Day Three – Thursday

Blue and white Gingham top – Primark

Denim Shorts – New Look



Every single day I wore my Black Adidas Superstars – there not my only shoes, I promise !!








How I restyled my old jeggings


DSC_2021DSC_2033  I’ve had these jeggings for a least 2 years now, but hadn’t worn them in ages as they became too small and not my style. However only recently I decided to experiment and try to switch them up, as they were just sitting in my wardrobe taking up space. But I actually really like the colour of these jeans so wanted to try and recycle them. I decided to share this with you to try and inspire you to try this out if you have some old jeans and give you some tips.

Before the bottom of the jeans rested just a bit above my ancle which I didn’t like. So I just triple folded the hem over so that the lighter part of jean is on show and they’re much shorter, now it’s around one inch. Personally, I much prefer it this way, however you can change it any way you want.

Another thing I wanted to try ripping them across the knee. After watching multiple videos on YouTube and reading blog posts, I figured out the easiest way. All I took was a some sand paper, or a nail file in my case, chalk and a tweezers. If you’re a bit wary, I suggest just doing this to a small part of jeans and gradually building it up.

1.whilst wearing the jeans, I used the chalk to mark out a line where I want the slit to be. For me this was a bit above the knee. The chalk will easy brush off and won’t damage the jeans.

2.Then, after I’d taken the jeans off, I used the emery board to work away at the denim. I used the file to gently buff across the jean, then in small circles. This took quite awhile, as I was using a nail file. Another tip is that this was very messy and caused lots of balls of denim to go fly off so I recommend being careful.

3.Just before you break all the way through the jeans, you can just see the light through them, put them back on. This will allow you to make a more natural slit. For me, just by bending my leg, my knee broke through the bit I’d work away at before.

4. If you want the outer part the be more frayed, simply pull out a few threads using the tweezers. Similarly to get to get threads going across pull threads out underneath. What I love about this is it’s so simple and can be done to any pair of jeans and honestly couldn’t tell the difference between the DIY and a shop brought pair. If you wish you can rip anywhere the jeans anywhere. DSC_2022

Current Beauty Favourites

Sorry I missed another post, I’m a really bad at balancing school, life and blogging !! So to make up for it I’ve decided to share with some of my current beauty favourites, most of these things I’ve been lovin and using for a while, but I haven’t shared them with you guys. As end of exam season is coming up, I can’t promise frequent posting but I’ll try my hardest. DSC_2016DSC_2013DSC_2010

Collection Lasting Perfection

This my absolute favourite concealer, so much that I’m on my 3rd bottle. At the moment I have to mix the two lightest shades : fair 1 and cool medium 2, to find the perfect match. Sometimes I also find Fair 1 to be a bit pink toned on me but mixing them resolves this. I love the creamy, quite thick, formula of this product, which makes it so easy to blend. It just has really high coverage for a drugstore concealer and can cover any blemish and my really dark under eye circles. I know everyone has been raving about this concealer for a long time now, but it’s such good value for money. This concealer never goes cakey or change colour and go patchy through out the day.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Again you probably think I’m abit late to this craze aswell; but I’ve had this sponge for quite a while now, which proably explains why it’s so dirty ( gross, ik !). Personally, I like to use mine damp as it doubles in size and leaves you with a very airbrushed light look. The shape of the sponge means it’s really easy to reach every area and crevice on your face.  My sponge has lasted quite well and only has a few tears and staining. As they don’t last long it may seem abit expensive at the start, but they’re honestly worth every penny.

M.A.C Matte lipstick

I don’t really want to go in to too much detail, as I want to do another post about this. But, I brought mine in the classic shade Velvet Teddy, at around Christmas Time.  But the shade is just the perfect everyday nude !! The formula is really buttery and glides on super easy. If you’d like a more in death review stay tuned for a post coming soon …

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker

I have the mini ‘Rose and Shine’ which I got in a Christmas set. Normally, I’m not a big fan of lip-glosses : they’re usually sticky, uncomfortable and I usually reach for a matte lip. But this actually subtly plumps your lips, nothing overly noticeable. You can either use this before putting a lipstick or whatever, or alone as a lipgloss.

MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter

This is another frequently raved about product, I purchased mine in Iridescent Gold, which is perfect for sunny summer days. This highlighter is very glittery, so it creates a very shimmery glow effect. This product is only £2 or £3, but is totally good value for money. As it’s so lightweight it doesn’t cling to your skin, especially dry parts like mine.

Polaroid Guide

It’s now been over a year since I’ve got my polaroid and only recently I realised that I don’t use it as much as I should. So recently I’ve been trying to use it more often and get much more accustomed to the way it works. I have the Fujifilm Instax mini 8 in pink, which first of all looks so cute and aesthetic as a prop in the background of pictures or just on a shelf in your room (haha!) because the pink is a matte pastel !! This camera is just a simple point and shoot which takes pictures and then develops them for you instantly.  I’m in no way an expert and I’m still learning myself, but I just thought I’d share with you some tip and tricks I’ve learnt about this camera.


To keep your camera safe and reduce your chances of breaking it I suggest investing in a camera case. Mine came in a little gift set with some other things, but you can buy them separately. The camera case I have came with straps so you can wear it as a shoulder bag when you go out, which is super handy. The set also came with a photo album which is where I store all my old pictures and fails; and a selfie lens which I haven’t actually used yet personally as I don’t really take selfies, but I’ve been in pictures where other people have and no ones been cropped out !! One thing I would say about it is the distorted mirror which can be abit of putting. Whilst searching the name of this item, I also read that it can be used for close-ups to help the camera focus. Now I really want to try this product out properly !!DSC_1892DSC_1886

Don’t worry too much about the price of the film. NGL, but the price of the film for this camera is hella expensive. This is actually something that I actually still struggle with and need to get in my head. Obviously don’t go taking loads of random pictures just because you can; But if you want to take a picture just take it !! Take pictures because you enjoy it and want to save and keep a memory through the use a picture and it’s sentimental and will look cute on your wall. Just don’t worry too much about the cost!

Out of all of the things I’ve told you so far this is the most important !! If you only take one thing from this post, it must be this !! I can’t tell you how important it is to set the light settings. If you don’t your pictures will either be too dark and you can’t see anything or too bright and everybody looks like ghosts. The camera recommends the setting for you and all you have to do is turn the little wheel to the one that’s lighting up. Just don’t forget that like I have a few times. DSC_1893

Don’t be too disappointed if a picture doesn’t turn out how you wanted it because it’s film there are much more chances of there being a mistake. One of the first pictures I took I waited a few seconds for it to develop and then threw it in my bag. Later when I got it out one half of the picture had a massive purple and yellow splodge. Looking back on it I actually think it looks quite creative and art, which is something you wouldn’t get with a normal camera. Not all pictures are going to be as saturated as you wish, so don’t give up on it.


New Garnier Skin Active skin care 


In Boots the other day, I spotted a stand of new GArnier skincare products, which I hadn’t seen advertised before. Turns out they were being introduced to stores and we’re at a discount. There are 4 different styles of product for oily to very dry skin, available in a cleanser toner and moisturiser. Each type has a natural ingredient to benefit their skin type which I
In store, there were actually these little cards which would help you recognise your skin type and which type of product to buy. Before, I’d always been guessing my skin type based upon stuff I’ve read on online. All you had to do was pop out the little card and hold it on your forehead for 3 seconds, yes this was a bit arkward in the centre of Boot ( oh well !). Then you need to compare it the pictures on the card for each skin type, and I came out as Very dry/ dry – sensitive.
As my skins been very irritated recently, I decided to pick up the one for sensitive skin. Each product includes rose water, which is known for its soothing and hydrating properties. All of these products contain 96% natural ingredients, so you know it won’t irritate your skin. At the moment I’m only trialing the cleansing milk and moisturiser, but will definitely be looking to purchasing the toner. DSC_1288

Before this, I hadn’t used a cleansing milk before but they sound amazing for dry skin. To use the Soothing Botanical Cleansing Milk, all you have to do is apply it to a cotton pad and your good to go ! I use this to remove all my makeup and cleanse my skin. This works just as well as Micellar Water from Garnier, which is something I never thought I’d say. And I’ll go as far as saying this is even better at removing mascara ! After using this my skin feels really soft and not irritated, like most other products.this

Moving on to the moisturiser, this is actually a Botanical Day Cream, however I use it at night because it’s so good. Again this claim to hydrate and soothe, which it definitely does. After using this my skin feels so so so soft, literally like fresh skin !! The cream is also enriched with antioxidants to protect your skin during the day, which is really useful.

I definitely think Garnier New Skinactive Range is worth checking out as it cares for everyone different skin type needs, and definitely won’t irritate or cause redness due to it being 96% natural.

My Mum does my makeup – natural Spring look

DSC_1258DSC_1085So, I’ve delayed my Primark Haul to mid next week so I can me have more time on it, as I only purchased the stuff yesterday! So instead I’ve decided to do something abit different, this was actually my mum’s idea. But I haven’t actually seen anyone do it in a blog post before. This was really fun to do and would love to try something like this again … Cue the awkward close ups 🙂


My mum decided to go for a very natural as she doesn’t think I need makeup.  As an overview, my skin was very fresh and natural with only concealer and minimal powder. On top of that, she subtly bronzed to define my cheekbones, used a soft shimmer highlight and applied a darker blush. My mum then filled in any sparse areas in my brows and set then with a gel. My eyes are very natural, with only nude tones. Then she used a very thick mascara to define the lashes. Finally, for my statement lip, my mum chose a bright pink which I think looks really cute for spring.

What She used :

  • Collection Lasting Perfection, Fair 1
  • Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer, Ivory
  • Rimmel Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder, Transparent
  • W7 Cheeky Trio Pallete, Dream Machine Bronzer
  • Seventeen The Cheek Of It Blush , Nude
  • MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter, Iridescent Gold
  • Seventeen Brow’s That! Brow Kit, Brown
  • Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Palette, 1 White Chocolate & 3 biscuit & Chocolate Milk
  • Soap And Glory Thick And Fast Mascara, Black
  • Nyx Soft Matte Creams, 03 Stockholm


Underrated Products

These are some of my favourite types of blog posts, as I always find some products that I haven’t seen before or tried out. I chose products that I use on a daily basis, but they haven’t been raved about or recognised in the blogging community. I would love to do this type of post on something like skincare or body care, so let me know if that’s something you’re interested in.


Seventeen’s Super Lash Mascara

This product was actually a freebie, which I got back in October when I spent, I think, £7 on Seventeen. When I first got this mascara, I was really disappointed : the whole wand was covered really thickly and all up the sides.  Sadly, at the time none of the mascaras had packing on to prevent people from using them, so you had to be wary. However after a few uses the wand began to thin out and become more workable, I realised this is an amazing mascara! It’s really lengthening, but isn’t thick at all, unlike Maybelline Lash Sensation another favourite of mine. Each lash with separately covered without sticking together. If you haven’t tried this, I really recommend checking it out!

Rimmel Clear Completion Clarifying Powder

This is my go to powder, I’ve used it every day none-stop for the past year and a half. Unlike other products, I haven’t really tried out a range of powders, as I almost instantly found one I love and stuck to it. This powder sets your makeup and stays on most of the day. Unlike, other powders this ones really light weight, so it doesn’t look cakey or clog your pores.

MUA Single Eyeshadows

Now these eyeshadows aren’t ground-breaking, but for £1 you really can’t go wrong. The eyeshadow is in the shade ‘Copper’ and has a nice glitter effect to it, perfect as an all over lid colour. For the price it’s nicely pigmented and has very little fallout, which is something that I often find with glitter eyeshadows. At the moment, I only have one shade but I would love to pick up some more, as they’re really good value.

Seventeens Stay Time Concealer

These concealers quite a large shade range, for a drugstore brand, so I picked up the lightest ‘Extra Fair’.  The description and formula of the product is very similar to the Collection Lasting Perfection, both claim to last 18 hours. Compared to Collection, this concealer is a lot of a thinner consistency to apply, however once blended it begins to thicken up. This concealer is very high coverage and looks completely natural.





My Brow Routine – Collab with Daisy Petals


Very recently my eyebrows have become one of my most important and favourite pasts of my makeup routine., which I think is safe to say so has most other people. I’ve suddenly started paying much more attention to them. Personally , I go for a natural look, as not a big fan of big bold brows. This is a colab with the lovely Daisy Petals –  I love reading her new blog posts and look out for them. She’s a really lovely person, so I defiantly recommend checking her blog out. So here’s how I achieve my brows …

Back in October I got my eyebrows threaded, I know that seems like ages ago and everything has probably grown back, but that created guide lines and the perfect shape, so that I don’t over pluck. Since then, I’ve just been plucking out the strays with tweezers, trying to keep the shape. My eyebrows are naturally fairly dark so they don’t take much to look fake and like draw on sticks because of this I try to stick to products that match my hair colour and nothing to heavy. DSC_1111

  1. On days when I want high intensity bold brows I will use the Nyx ‘Proof It’ Waterproof Eyebrow Primer. Now this product is crucial, but you can really notice the difference once you start using it. With this product, my eyebrows stay on all day and don’t smudge, as I’ve found powder products cling to your brows more. So I simply wipe this on to my eyebrows and wait a few seconds for it to dry.
  2. Next, I outline underneath my brows using the pencil included in the Seventeen ‘ Brows That’ Kit. I really recommend this kit as it comes with everything you need :wax, pencil, powder, highlighter; all in a cute little palette. This is quite hard, but creates a really soft and subtle line, which is really easy to blend out with a spoolie.
  3.  As I used the primer earlier, I skip the wax, which I find creates thick and obvious look, which some people may like, personally I prefer a natural. Powder is really easy to be precise with and easy be built up to achieve the levels of boldness desired. Using an angled brush from Wilko, I apply the powder in small amounts, meaning I can slowly build up.
  4.  I also find my brows look drawn on after this, so I blend the product in, a staple part of this routine, using a basic spoolie. Doing this all the powder to be even distributed and any excess easily brushed out.  DSC_1097
  5. If your eyebrows are still unruly and have lots of strays, I suggest using a brow gel. These make sure that every single hair stays in place throughout the whole day. The Primark one served me well and has eventually run out, to replace it I purchased The Maybelline ‘Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara’ in Transparent. Unlike my old one my eyebrows don’t feel as hard and stuck together. This has a really unique brush shape – the only way to describe it is long and thin with a ball on the end- this allows you to arch your brows easily.



Makeup storage

Today I decided to show you guys how I store my makeup as I find these really interesting to watch on YouTube and tried to recreate it on my blog. For each section, I’ll tell you some of my favourite product, but not all of them. dsc_1083I store all my makeup, in the Alex 9 Drawers from Ikea, which is so predictable and basic aha ! I got these for Christmas and  I really like these as they’re really thin and fit neatly in the corner of my room and as they’re so tall I can fit all my beauty and skincare products in them. Most of my makeup is stored in takeaway tubs, as they’re free and can fit perfectly into the drawers.

On the top of my drawers, I have a lipstick holder from Tk Maxx, where I store all my lip-glosses, liquid lipsticks and lipsticks which I regularly. Some of my favourites are the Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid in the shade 50 , Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker and Nyx Lip lingerie in the shade . Next to that I keep all my brushes in a fake skura pot from Hobby Craft, I’m not going to talk about these as I have a blog post planned. Finally, at the front I keep my Mac Lipstick in the shade Velvet Teddy, which is my absolute favourite.


In the first drawer, I keep the majority of my makeup. I’m going to start down in the front left, where I keep all my concealers and brow products. As concealer is my favourite makeup product, I just love trying out new ones which explains why I have so many !! On a daily basis I use the Collection Lasting Perfection and Rimmel Wake Me Up.

Next to that, I keep all my foundations and only primer : Barry M Hydro Water. I don’t really wear foundation, but really love The Rimmel Lasting Finish which provides really high coverage. Behind my concealers, are my face products : blush, powder, highlighter. I really like The I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts Blush as it’s such a nice colour, I also really like the Technic Liquid Highlighter.


Right at the back, I have my mascaras and eye liners. Again, this is a bit of a full tub as I also really love mascara. Out of them all,  I reach for The Maybelline Lash Sensational or Seventeen’s Super Lash, as they both make my eyelashes look really long and curly. Finally, in the last part of this drawer I just keep my small brushes, Beauty Blenders and single small products. This section is abit random as they’re too small to put anywhere else. One of my favourite single eyeshadows is from MUA, which is in the Copper and it’s just so perfect!

In my second drawer, I just keep all my pallets and lip products. I have quite a few pallets, mostly eyeshadow. My all time favourite is Easy On The Eye from Seventeen, which includes the most gorgeous range of nude shades. However, I ‘ve recently been loving The Pink Fizz palette from I Heart Makeup as it includes lots of colours abit out of my comfort zone, which I like experimenting with.


I’d love to do a whole Alex 9 Drawer Tour, so let me know down below in the comments if that’s something you’re interested in!