Bargain Mustard Jumper

Mustard is such a popular colour this autumn, which is why I love this jumper from Primark. It was an absolute bargain at only £4, which is really good for a jumper!  This jumper is fairly thin, but it’s what you’d expect for the price. On each of the shoulders of the jumper there’s 3 little brown buttons detailing running down the edge, which I think are so cute and adds something extra to it. Normally, I’d go for quite oversized and slouchy knitwear, but for a change I went for a tighter more fitting piece.

I paired this jumper with my absolute favourite bottoms : my black pleated Culottes from New Look. As the jumper’s fairly long I tucked it in to the bottoms. Excuse the purple wellies, as we were going for a walk around a forest and didn’t want to ruin any of my shoes.


Pumpkin Picking

Hey guys, welcome back …

I know it been another long time, too long in fact, I know it’s so bad. On a more positive note, last weekend I went pumpkin picking! Every autumn Pinterest is full cute of pictures of pumpkin fields, I’ve always wanted to go but never have done. So this year, my mum found pumpkins at our local P.Y.O farm. I found it so fun scouring the field for the perfect pumpkin whilst pushing a wheelbarrow. Overall, I think it’s such a cute and fun place to go with friends or family.

In this post I’m wearing a navy Ralph Lauren Jumper, High waisted Jeans from New Look, black leather belt from Next and my Classic black Adidas Superstars. This jumper is actually my mums from a year back, so I guess you could say it’s thrifted. It’s perfectly oversized, thick and comfy.


My top Autumn Blog Props

Hey guys …

Today I’m posting my first autumn/fall themed blog post, is it too early? I honestly don’t know! But seen as it’s one of my favourite times of year, I just couldn’t wait. I love autumnal pictures and have collected a fair amount of props to go in them. So for todays post I’m sharing with you my favourite items to put in my autumnal pictures, I also plan to start gradually transfer to more of a cosy carefree Instagram theme for this time of year. Lots of these items are very generic and basic, so I’ll tell you the best place to buy these items as well. I hope you all enjoy and get some inspiration for your pictures.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are so cute and cosy, but can easily add depth to your pictures. I really like putting my fairy lights in the background of picture and focus on the subject in front of them, making the lights go out of focus and look really artsy aha. The white woven heart ones are from B&M, for £4.99. These lights look really pretty hanging up in my room but when turned on, they’re quite dim, which is annoying but they still look really cute. The copper wire ones are from Wilko, for £3.50, but I believe they’re only available at Christmas time, which is annoying. Both lights are battery powered, which is handy for taking pictures with them anywhere.


Throws are great thing to have anyway in your room as they’re so warm fluffy, also in pictures they’re great as they add texture and colour. The white and grey geometric one you can see in the picture is from Primark for £6. Primark do some super cheap really soft throws, which have quite a wide colour range. I definitely recommend looking there first.


I mean is it even Autumn, if you don’t have scented candles? I absolutely love collecting candles and have most of my shelves covered in them! My favourite Autumn scented candles at the moment are: Salted Carmel, New Look for £4.99 this candle looks really rustic which I love and smells amazing; Yankee Candle Cinnamon stick, £8.99, I’ve spoken about this candle so much on my blog, maybe because it’s always been more favourite scent and probably always will be; finally, Black Cherry Merlot from Essence B&M, I love the look of this candle it’s very similar to Bath and Body Work’s packaging, but sadly I don’t have access to them. This candle is a great dupe and super cheap as well, only £4 I believe.


I love reading books at any time of year, I recently finished Everything, Everything  by Nicola Yoon. This book is so good, if you haven’t read it you need to as you’re seriously missing out. Recently, a film version came out and I’ve heard brilliant reviews, so hopefully I can go and see it.

Autumnal makeup

By this I mean burgundy plumb coloured makeup. Again I’ve reviewed this before on my blog, but I love the shade Devotion, of the Revlon Ultra HD Matte lip colour as it’s not too drying and lasts all day. A lot of shades in the range are very purply brown based, perfect at this time of year.

Zoella beauty

The products feature in this post are from last years Christmas range, which was gingerbread scented. I was lucky enough to receive the hamper containing lots of the products and love them all. The reason they feature in the post is the packaging ! It’s so cute and wintery and fits in with all my pictures.

Artificial Leaves

Okay maybe I am a bit early, as hardly any leaves have started turning yet. But you don’t need them to if you have artificial leaves. These are so handy as they don’t make a mess like real leaves or die. These are a great investment and you can get them on amazon for a few pounds.

School Bag Essentails

Hey guys … for another Back to School related post today I’m going to be sharing with you some of my favourite things in my school bag, that just help to make life a little bit easier.

The bag I’m using this year is a lilac tote bag from New Look which I prefer to use as an on the shoulder bag, but you add straps to it. As I brought this ages ago, right before the holidays, I believe this bag is currently out of stock, which is a real shame. This bag is perfect for school as it’s structured, meaning you can fold it in on itself to adjust the size. I absolutely love the colour of this bag, it’s what drew me to it, and the metallic detailing looks really cool. It can fit an A4 exercise book in it, which is great for me as I have to carry lots of them around.

Anyway enough about my school bag, here’s some of the things I always take in it with me.

Accessorize –  Towelling Hair Ponies
These have become my new favourite hair bands. For the past few years I’d been using cheap glued elastics which can in bulk, which was needed as they always snapped on me. So we decided to spend money on less, but they’d hopefully last longer. These specific ones were recommended to me by my hairdresser, they’re the ones she uses herself, as they are super soft and don’t break the hair. So far I’ve been loving them they hold they’re shape and your hair up all day, are soft and don’t hurt to remove. I keep a couple of these in my bag in case I don’t have one on my wrist for PE.

Hair Brush – Tangle Tamer
This brush is fairly small and doesn’t take up too much room in my bag. I like to use this brush as it’s really gentle on my hair and doesn’t make loads of mess with stray hairs in my bag.

Soap and Glory – Hand Maid Anti Bacterial Cleansing Gel
School can be a very dirty place, and this is so handy to carry around with me. Out of the hand gels I’ve tried, this is by far my favourite. First of all it smells really good, like all Soap and Glory products! The products say it contains moisturising ingredients, reducing how dry it makes your hands, and I totally agree with this as it doesn’t give you tight skin, like some others. Also, it dries really quickly which is good, so you don’t have to rub it in for ages before it goes.

Primark Rose Gold Compact Mirror
This is just really handy and a perfect size to fit in my makeup bag. The colour of this mirror is really stunning and it has a mirror both sides, so it’s a pretty decent sized mirror overall.

Roobee File Folder
I have a set of 9 of these folders, 3 of each style, but I absolutely love them as they’re just so cute. I’m a big fan of the gold foil detailing! This is just perfect to keep any worksheets or handouts neat and safe in your bag, before you file them at home. Due to it being a file folder, I find it really easy to access in my bag without having to take it out and open it up. Roobee as a stationary brand has some really cute items, but I believe they are an American company and can be quite hard to get.


How I style My Culottes

After seeing many stunning pictures of culottes on We Heart It and Pinterest, and reading Tilly’s post on them, which is definitely worth a read, I decided to try them. And I have to say I’m in love! Honestly, I could wear them all the time as they’re just so comfy and fairly easy to style. I can’t believe that I hadn’t tried some before, as they’ve become a staple in my wardrobe.

The pair I brought was from New Look and they’re black mid-length, so you can see my ankle and half my shin. What drew me to this pair was the style of material: plisse/pleated, which looks so cool. Also, they’re wide legged, so they do look quite baggy as I walk and the material stretches, but I personally like the look of that. These are super comfortable to wear and have an elasticated waist. These are very versatile and can been worn casual with a basic tee-shirt or dressed up with something more fancy. Even though it’s not that hot at the moment, these are really good to keep cool in the summer and let the breeze get to your legs without showing them.

What I wore with them:
plain cropped baby pink Tee – New Look
Black and White Superstars – Adidas Original
Pink Classic Fjallraven Kanken Bag
Black Bomber Jacket – New Look
Peachy pink Old Skool Vans

I wore this look in the day and night when we went to Bournemouth. In the day when we were exploring the coast and during the Candlelight Procession at night. By adding a bomber jacket, I was actually warm enough for most of the night.

Stationary Haul 2017

It will come as no surprise to you guys, that I love a good stationary haul at back to school time, or any time of the year really. After such positive feedback for last years ‘What’s in my pencil case haul’, I decided to do another one for this year. But this year, it’s not just ‘What’s In My Pencil Case’, I’ve decided to add in some other bit for my desk and revision at home. As I’m starting my GCSE’s this year, I decided to get some new stationary for revision and homework to motivate me. I didn’t include where I brought all this from as you can buy most of it at any stationary store or supermarket, but if you are interested in anything comment down below and I’ll tell you.

Stabilo BOSS Original Pastel Highlighters
I got a set of 8 of these as it worked out the best value for money. First of off can I point out how aesthetically pleasing these are, Ahh, they’re so cute! I’m absolutely in love with these. The set came with 2 pink, 2 yellow, a peach/orange, a mint green, a purple and a blue. I’m taking one of the pinks and yellows to school, and leaving the others at home for homework and revision. I feel like these will make me want to read over my notes and revise more.

The Helix Oxford Set Of mathematical Instruments
This fancy sounding set, just includes a ruler, compass, e.c.t, basically all your maths equipment. Some of my old lot has got lost and some of the numbers had rubbed off. I got this Limited Edition Purple, as it’s my favourite colour.

Zebra Smooth Z-Grip pens
All of last year I used the black version of these pens, as they’re really smooth and inky. This time, the pack included 4 coloured pens, which is cool. I really love these pens as they last all year and don’t smudge.

Paper Mate Ink Joys
These are just some more coloured pens, which are perfect for note taking and making your work more interesting. I think the design of the pen is really quirky and unique. There’s not much more to say about them, other than they’re really easy to write with and never smudge.

Milan Eraser and Pencil
Previous year, I’ve brought the cheap pack of 10 mechanical pencils, but the rubbers would always fall off the end meaning all the led would come out and make a mess. To prevent such drama this year, I decided to splurge on a slightly more expensive pencil. It’s such a cute pastel pink colour, I couldn’t not buy it. To get the led out you have to pump the end, to get out the rubber you have to twist the end. I thought this is so cool as it means you get a decent length of rubber.

Original Pritt Stick
Supermarket own brands are never as good as a real Pritt Stick and just frustrate me, so I brought this. Our school has very few of these, so its easier to use my own.

A5 Succulent Notebook
I don’t really need this as I have loads more already in my desk, but I’m sure it’ll come in handy sometime.

3 A4 folders
I absolutely love the print on these folders and feel like they’ll be good to separate my science notes into topics.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I didn’t go into too much detail, as I was literally just describing stationary aha.

Back To School Q&A

There’s only a few weeks left of the Summer holidays, before we all have to go back to school ( sorry, to remind you all!). When I go back to school in September, I’m going to be going into Year 10, which means at our school, time to start your options. Over on all my socials, found in the contact page, I asked you to comment some school related questions for me to answer in a blog post, so that’s what I’m going to be doing today for you all. But before I start, I’d like to thank everyone for sending their questions in, I never expected this many!!

@babygalbeautyx and @niamhwears What Subjects am I taking ?
We got 3 options and either History or Geography. At our school we had to take one of the two, so I chose Geography. My other three are Business Studies, Computing, and Triple Science, which is an option at our school. After school my maths teacher’s running a GCSE Statistics club, which gives me the opportunity to get another GCSE. I’m really excited to chose subjects that I enjoy and are interested in.

@jessygym03 Favourite style of pen ? For everyday writing, I like to use ballpoint or rollerball, specifically a Zebra smooth or Pilot Hi-Tecpoint. Both of these pens last ages and really smooth and easy to write with.

@lucajg3 Who’s your favourite person in your English Class?   I mean you helped our group win some amazing rulers on the last day, for your amazing drama work, so I guess you come pretty high up.

@emilybirchall.xx Any tips for surviving school ?
This is quite a complex one, but overall just enjoy it and do your best! I know this sounds really cliché, but school is a great oppuntity to make friends and help you get a good job later in life. So try to enjoy it. Other than that just try to stay organised and do all your homework before the night before, just the basic stuff.

@fionabasically Favourite school day and why ?
At the moment, I haven’t actually got my timetable for next year so I can’t really base this question on lessons yet. But, Thursday seems like a good day, as you know you have the weekend coming up

@copperlinings What do you use to take/edit your photos ?
All most all of my pictures are taken on my Nikon D3300, if not I use my IPhone SE’s camera for when I’m out without it. I edit my photos using Instagram and VSCO cam for both my Instagram and blog. Let me know if you’d like me to do a separate post on this in and actually talk you through the steps I take.

@rachels.corner What’s your favourite subject ?
Last year, I really enjoyed English, Science and computing, however sometimes a teacher can make the difference to whether I enjoy their lessons or not. But, I really enjoy science and computing as they allow to experiment and learn things by myself, which I enjoy.

@rosetpics What are your tips for exam stress? and what do you find are the best ways to revise ?
Never leave it to the last minute and plan before! Before I start revising a subject I always take some kind of test on it first, whether that’s on BBC Bitesize or Quizlet, just so I can see what I need to spend more time on and then schedule based upon that. I’m sure everyone has their own revision methods that prefer, and personally for me it differs per subject. My favourites include: mind maps, summarising my notes, watching videos, quizzes and flashcards.

@chelseamarieabery Go to school makeup product and favourite brand ?
At our school, we’re only allowed to wear natural makeup and I don’t really have time for much in the mornings anyway. I don’t really have a favourite makeup brand as all my favourites come from different, but I’d probably say Maybelline or Collection. My go to products are Collection Lasting Perfect Concealer and Maybelline Lash Sensational.

@jessyteee_ What’s one thing you’d change about your school experience so far ?
I definitely wouldn’t say I have major regrets over anything, probably just too see it as more of a positive thing and try to find ways to enjoy it. However, at the moment I’m very happy and enjoy going to school, but just to do that earlier on.

@flolavita Do you have a favourite teacher?  I’m not going to share with you their names, but probably my English, science and textiles teacher. Sadly none of them will be teaching me next year, all of them were easy to talk to about my progress and work and supporting me with that. Shoutout to them!!

@daisyy_petals What hair and makeup tips do you have for school ? Last year, I’m disappointed to say, I made 0 effort!! Almost everyday I’d just have it down, ikr boring ! So this year I plan to maybe try out some different styles and make time in the morning. However, I when I have my hair up i find it easier to do things, but it often gives me headaches towards the end of the day. Sorry to disappoint on that one. For makeup, as I’ve said previously don’t spend too much time on it in the morning. When I fill my brows in and apply mascara, I can really notice a difference before and after. Applying concealer an a small amount of blush, can also make you look much more lively and awake, if your skin is looking dull.

@lovesomachixx What’s your favourite and least favourite things about school? and How do you manage blogging and school life? I love the oppuntites that school can bring and learning about things I’m interested in. Also, the chance to see all my friends and socialise with other people. On the other hand, I don’t enjoy the early mornings, even though my school is starting later from now on. I mean personally, school can cause me a lot of stress and I particularly don’t enjoy talking in front of lots of people, which can be a very embarrassing experience. On to the other question, for me school work is my priority and always comes above blogging and most other things. I try to do my homework most week nights, a few days before it’s due, which then leaves my weekends free to enjoy myself and blog.

@copperlinings.x Best things to carry in school bags? Best shops to shop in A compact mirror !! I can’t tell you the amount of times it’s come in handy over the past two years. Also, a hairbrush and tissues will definitely be useful, just the essentials that people often forget and have to ask other people for. This year I got my school bag and pencil case from New Look, as they have some really cute items. For stationary, I recommend checking out WH
Smiths, but it can often be pricey so I only get a few bits from there. Other stores for cute stationary : Wilko, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, TkMax/Home Sense and Staples.

Glossy Peachy Makeup Look

Hey guys, welcome back ! You’ve probably noticed I’m back on my WordPress account as I got it back and  I’ve moved back other here. So if your a new reader welcome, or an old one welcome back. I just couldn’t wait to get blogging and sharing stuff with you guys. So my current obsession is peaches: the fruit, colour, scent, anything to do with them! I thought it would be perfect to share my favourite peachy makeup look with you guys. So the main focus of this look are the eyes and the rest of the makeup is very light and simple, as it’s summer time. However, I’ve included ways to make it glossy and original, if that’s what you’re going for.

The palette I’m using is the perfect dupe for the Too Faced ‘Sweet Peach’ Palette and both include a wide range of shades of shimmer and matte eyeshadows. For my birthday, I was given the I Heart Makeup ‘Chocolate and Pecahes’ Palette, which costs around £8.00 in Superdrug. This product is very similar to the Too Faced One; as both smell like peaches (which is a great bonus) and has almost the same shades.  A quick overview of the product: the colours are very pigmented and blend very easily and are super buttery, making them easy to work with. So I’d totally recommend this product as a dupe.

Anyway into the makeup look now, I’m going to start by taking the shade Sweet, a slightly shimmery caramel shade, all over my lid. Then use a fluffy brush and peach shade in my crease and to define it luscious, a darker bronze matte shade. To blend all that out, lightly use a pinky peach shade, Soft. Using Maybelline’s Lash Sensational, I applied lots of mascara to my top and bottom lashes and separated them with a lash comb to avoid clumps.For a bolder look, sometimes I use a flat eyeshadow brush to apply a little bit of peach lip-gloss to your lid, for a glossy effect.

For the rest of the look, I lightly filled in my brows using the Freedom Pro Brow Pomade and messily brush them out using a spoolie. I used my favourite concealer Collection Lasting Perfection and my Real Techniques Buffing Brush. A small amount of blush and highlight, only to my cheekbones and inner corner of my eye. Finally, to finish the look off I used the same lip-gloss from earlier and applied it to only the centre of my lips. Again for a bolder look, you could use a (liquid)lipstick underneath first and put lip-gloss over it, to give your lips a much stronger colour.

My Latest Eyebrow Product Discovery

I’ve recently discovered an new holy grail product that has completely transformed my eyebrow routine ! Before, previous eyebrow routine, I was using the powder from the Seventeen ‘ Brows This Way’ Pallette. But with the recent hype of the ‘ Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. Being mainly a Drugstore girl, I wanted to find a dupe to ease me into the Pomade Craze, as I’ve never used one before. After some research I discover the perfect longwear product. This is the Freedom Pro Brow Pomade !! They have an amazing 11 shades to choose from so your bound to find yours. So today I’m going to tell you why this is my new favourite product.

First of all this product is so cheap for the quality of the product, for £5 you can get a decent sized pot. Personally, I only need to put the tiniest bit on my brush to do both eyebrows, so the product will last me a long time. If you read my Eye Brow Routine, then you know I like to keep my brows natural. This product is really easily buildable which means it’s also perfect for people who like bold defined brows. The formula of this product is very smooth and creamy, which allows for easy application. This product claims to be waterproof and smudge proof, and so far I’ve had no problems with that so far.

This product is so long wearing and still looks the same in the evening, as to when you put it on in the morning. To use this I dip a angled brush into the pot, so that the smallest bit is on the brush. Then starting underneath the brow I just line it and do the same for the top. To finish I just fill in any sparse areas with any remain product and I’m done.  I still recommend setting this with a brow gel, just so the product get evenly brushed throughout your brows and any strays are tamed. This whole process  only takes me 3 minutes maximum, about half than my previous. I’ve also heard that if you warm the product up on the back of your hand it applies much smoother, however I’m yet to try that.

Overall I’ve been absolutely loving it. I recommend trying it out if you love The A.B.H Dipbrow as cheaper alternative, almost a third of the price I think, or if you’ve never tried an eyebrow pomade before. Either way let me know what you think ..

@lucajg3 👍🏻

Brighton Lookbook 2017 (Primark Haul)

So I asked you on Twitter, Isabelleamy7 add me up if you haven’t already, which you wanted to see first and you said this, so expect a Photo Diary next week. But, for this week I wanted to show you some of the outfits I wore whilst I was down in Brighton during the half term. Most of this stuff is new and from Primark, so I guess you could also call this my long awaited Primark Haul and if I was to do a separate post it would pretty much feature the same stuff. Also please note that as the week went on I got more and more sunburnt and the chlorine from the pool irritated my face, which explains the redness later on, so just excuse that.

Day One – Tuesday

It was sooo windy at the beach that day, so my hair was everywhere

Jeggings/jeans – New Look ( which I restyle, for more details see here )

Harvard T-Shirt – H&M

Denim Jacket – Primark

Nude Sunglasses – Primark



Day Two – Wednesday

Rose Embroidered Top – Primark

Denim Pinafore – Primark

Pink Rucksack – Fjallraven Classic Kanken In Pastel Pink

Pink/ Rose Gold Watch – New Look



Day Three – Thursday

Blue and white Gingham top – Primark

Denim Shorts – New Look



Every single day I wore my Black Adidas Superstars – there not my only shoes, I promise !!