My top Autumn Blog Props

Hey guys …

Today I’m posting my first autumn/fall themed blog post, is it too early? I honestly don’t know! But seen as it’s one of my favourite times of year, I just couldn’t wait. I love autumnal pictures and have collected a fair amount of props to go in them. So for todays post I’m sharing with you my favourite items to put in my autumnal pictures, I also plan to start gradually transfer to more of a cosy carefree Instagram theme for this time of year. Lots of these items are very generic and basic, so I’ll tell you the best place to buy these items as well. I hope you all enjoy and get some inspiration for your pictures.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are so cute and cosy, but can easily add depth to your pictures. I really like putting my fairy lights in the background of picture and focus on the subject in front of them, making the lights go out of focus and look really artsy aha. The white woven heart ones are from B&M, for £4.99. These lights look really pretty hanging up in my room but when turned on, they’re quite dim, which is annoying but they still look really cute. The copper wire ones are from Wilko, for £3.50, but I believe they’re only available at Christmas time, which is annoying. Both lights are battery powered, which is handy for taking pictures with them anywhere.


Throws are great thing to have anyway in your room as they’re so warm fluffy, also in pictures they’re great as they add texture and colour. The white and grey geometric one you can see in the picture is from Primark for £6. Primark do some super cheap really soft throws, which have quite a wide colour range. I definitely recommend looking there first.


I mean is it even Autumn, if you don’t have scented candles? I absolutely love collecting candles and have most of my shelves covered in them! My favourite Autumn scented candles at the moment are: Salted Carmel, New Look for £4.99 this candle looks really rustic which I love and smells amazing; Yankee Candle Cinnamon stick, £8.99, I’ve spoken about this candle so much on my blog, maybe because it’s always been more favourite scent and probably always will be; finally, Black Cherry Merlot from Essence B&M, I love the look of this candle it’s very similar to Bath and Body Work’s packaging, but sadly I don’t have access to them. This candle is a great dupe and super cheap as well, only £4 I believe.


I love reading books at any time of year, I recently finished Everything, Everything  by Nicola Yoon. This book is so good, if you haven’t read it you need to as you’re seriously missing out. Recently, a film version came out and I’ve heard brilliant reviews, so hopefully I can go and see it.

Autumnal makeup

By this I mean burgundy plumb coloured makeup. Again I’ve reviewed this before on my blog, but I love the shade Devotion, of the Revlon Ultra HD Matte lip colour as it’s not too drying and lasts all day. A lot of shades in the range are very purply brown based, perfect at this time of year.

Zoella beauty

The products feature in this post are from last years Christmas range, which was gingerbread scented. I was lucky enough to receive the hamper containing lots of the products and love them all. The reason they feature in the post is the packaging ! It’s so cute and wintery and fits in with all my pictures.

Artificial Leaves

Okay maybe I am a bit early, as hardly any leaves have started turning yet. But you don’t need them to if you have artificial leaves. These are so handy as they don’t make a mess like real leaves or die. These are a great investment and you can get them on amazon for a few pounds.


8 thoughts on “My top Autumn Blog Props

  1. I took some photos today and suddenly thought about making them more Autumnal, but I had no idea what to switch out! This is so helpful, I’m definitely going to look out for some artificial leaves xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

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  2. I Absolutely Loved Reading This Post😍It Has Given Me Some Great Ideas For My Autumn Theme On Instagram And Round Christmas Time I’m Going To see If I Can Get The Copper Lights, They Look Really Pretty💓I Might Also Get Some Arificial Leaves As I’ve Seen A Few People With Them Now And They Will Probably Be Really Useful✨Xxxx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Awe thankyou. That’s good, they were available last year, if not I’ve heard Primark/New Look do some similar but slightly more pricey. Yeah they’re popping up more insta feed more now, they’re way less haste than real ones xxxx

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