Stationary Haul 2017

It will come as no surprise to you guys, that I love a good stationary haul at back to school time, or any time of the year really. After such positive feedback for last years ‘What’s in my pencil case haul’, I decided to do another one for this year. But this year, it’s not just ‘What’s In My Pencil Case’, I’ve decided to add in some other bit for my desk and revision at home. As I’m starting my GCSE’s this year, I decided to get some new stationary for revision and homework to motivate me. I didn’t include where I brought all this from as you can buy most of it at any stationary store or supermarket, but if you are interested in anything comment down below and I’ll tell you.

Stabilo BOSS Original Pastel Highlighters
I got a set of 8 of these as it worked out the best value for money. First of off can I point out how aesthetically pleasing these are, Ahh, they’re so cute! I’m absolutely in love with these. The set came with 2 pink, 2 yellow, a peach/orange, a mint green, a purple and a blue. I’m taking one of the pinks and yellows to school, and leaving the others at home for homework and revision. I feel like these will make me want to read over my notes and revise more.

The Helix Oxford Set Of mathematical Instruments
This fancy sounding set, just includes a ruler, compass, e.c.t, basically all your maths equipment. Some of my old lot has got lost and some of the numbers had rubbed off. I got this Limited Edition Purple, as it’s my favourite colour.

Zebra Smooth Z-Grip pens
All of last year I used the black version of these pens, as they’re really smooth and inky. This time, the pack included 4 coloured pens, which is cool. I really love these pens as they last all year and don’t smudge.

Paper Mate Ink Joys
These are just some more coloured pens, which are perfect for note taking and making your work more interesting. I think the design of the pen is really quirky and unique. There’s not much more to say about them, other than they’re really easy to write with and never smudge.

Milan Eraser and Pencil
Previous year, I’ve brought the cheap pack of 10 mechanical pencils, but the rubbers would always fall off the end meaning all the led would come out and make a mess. To prevent such drama this year, I decided to splurge on a slightly more expensive pencil. It’s such a cute pastel pink colour, I couldn’t not buy it. To get the led out you have to pump the end, to get out the rubber you have to twist the end. I thought this is so cool as it means you get a decent length of rubber.

Original Pritt Stick
Supermarket own brands are never as good as a real Pritt Stick and just frustrate me, so I brought this. Our school has very few of these, so its easier to use my own.

A5 Succulent Notebook
I don’t really need this as I have loads more already in my desk, but I’m sure it’ll come in handy sometime.

3 A4 folders
I absolutely love the print on these folders and feel like they’ll be good to separate my science notes into topics.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I didn’t go into too much detail, as I was literally just describing stationary aha.


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