School Bag Essentails

Hey guys … for another Back to School related post today I’m going to be sharing with you some of my favourite things in my school bag, that just help to make life a little bit easier.

The bag I’m using this year is a lilac tote bag from New Look which I prefer to use as an on the shoulder bag, but you add straps to it. As I brought this ages ago, right before the holidays, I believe this bag is currently out of stock, which is a real shame. This bag is perfect for school as it’s structured, meaning you can fold it in on itself to adjust the size. I absolutely love the colour of this bag, it’s what drew me to it, and the metallic detailing looks really cool. It can fit an A4 exercise book in it, which is great for me as I have to carry lots of them around.

Anyway enough about my school bag, here’s some of the things I always take in it with me.

Accessorize –  Towelling Hair Ponies
These have become my new favourite hair bands. For the past few years I’d been using cheap glued elastics which can in bulk, which was needed as they always snapped on me. So we decided to spend money on less, but they’d hopefully last longer. These specific ones were recommended to me by my hairdresser, they’re the ones she uses herself, as they are super soft and don’t break the hair. So far I’ve been loving them they hold they’re shape and your hair up all day, are soft and don’t hurt to remove. I keep a couple of these in my bag in case I don’t have one on my wrist for PE.

Hair Brush – Tangle Tamer
This brush is fairly small and doesn’t take up too much room in my bag. I like to use this brush as it’s really gentle on my hair and doesn’t make loads of mess with stray hairs in my bag.

Soap and Glory – Hand Maid Anti Bacterial Cleansing Gel
School can be a very dirty place, and this is so handy to carry around with me. Out of the hand gels I’ve tried, this is by far my favourite. First of all it smells really good, like all Soap and Glory products! The products say it contains moisturising ingredients, reducing how dry it makes your hands, and I totally agree with this as it doesn’t give you tight skin, like some others. Also, it dries really quickly which is good, so you don’t have to rub it in for ages before it goes.

Primark Rose Gold Compact Mirror
This is just really handy and a perfect size to fit in my makeup bag. The colour of this mirror is really stunning and it has a mirror both sides, so it’s a pretty decent sized mirror overall.

Roobee File Folder
I have a set of 9 of these folders, 3 of each style, but I absolutely love them as they’re just so cute. I’m a big fan of the gold foil detailing! This is just perfect to keep any worksheets or handouts neat and safe in your bag, before you file them at home. Due to it being a file folder, I find it really easy to access in my bag without having to take it out and open it up. Roobee as a stationary brand has some really cute items, but I believe they are an American company and can be quite hard to get.



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