Back To School Q&A

There’s only a few weeks left of the Summer holidays, before we all have to go back to school ( sorry, to remind you all!). When I go back to school in September, I’m going to be going into Year 10, which means at our school, time to start your options. Over on all my socials, found in the contact page, I asked you to comment some school related questions for me to answer in a blog post, so that’s what I’m going to be doing today for you all. But before I start, I’d like to thank everyone for sending their questions in, I never expected this many!!

@babygalbeautyx and @niamhwears What Subjects am I taking ?
We got 3 options and either History or Geography. At our school we had to take one of the two, so I chose Geography. My other three are Business Studies, Computing, and Triple Science, which is an option at our school. After school my maths teacher’s running a GCSE Statistics club, which gives me the opportunity to get another GCSE. I’m really excited to chose subjects that I enjoy and are interested in.

@jessygym03 Favourite style of pen ? For everyday writing, I like to use ballpoint or rollerball, specifically a Zebra smooth or Pilot Hi-Tecpoint. Both of these pens last ages and really smooth and easy to write with.

@lucajg3 Who’s your favourite person in your English Class?   I mean you helped our group win some amazing rulers on the last day, for your amazing drama work, so I guess you come pretty high up.

@emilybirchall.xx Any tips for surviving school ?
This is quite a complex one, but overall just enjoy it and do your best! I know this sounds really cliché, but school is a great oppuntity to make friends and help you get a good job later in life. So try to enjoy it. Other than that just try to stay organised and do all your homework before the night before, just the basic stuff.

@fionabasically Favourite school day and why ?
At the moment, I haven’t actually got my timetable for next year so I can’t really base this question on lessons yet. But, Thursday seems like a good day, as you know you have the weekend coming up

@copperlinings What do you use to take/edit your photos ?
All most all of my pictures are taken on my Nikon D3300, if not I use my IPhone SE’s camera for when I’m out without it. I edit my photos using Instagram and VSCO cam for both my Instagram and blog. Let me know if you’d like me to do a separate post on this in and actually talk you through the steps I take.

@rachels.corner What’s your favourite subject ?
Last year, I really enjoyed English, Science and computing, however sometimes a teacher can make the difference to whether I enjoy their lessons or not. But, I really enjoy science and computing as they allow to experiment and learn things by myself, which I enjoy.

@rosetpics What are your tips for exam stress? and what do you find are the best ways to revise ?
Never leave it to the last minute and plan before! Before I start revising a subject I always take some kind of test on it first, whether that’s on BBC Bitesize or Quizlet, just so I can see what I need to spend more time on and then schedule based upon that. I’m sure everyone has their own revision methods that prefer, and personally for me it differs per subject. My favourites include: mind maps, summarising my notes, watching videos, quizzes and flashcards.

@chelseamarieabery Go to school makeup product and favourite brand ?
At our school, we’re only allowed to wear natural makeup and I don’t really have time for much in the mornings anyway. I don’t really have a favourite makeup brand as all my favourites come from different, but I’d probably say Maybelline or Collection. My go to products are Collection Lasting Perfect Concealer and Maybelline Lash Sensational.

@jessyteee_ What’s one thing you’d change about your school experience so far ?
I definitely wouldn’t say I have major regrets over anything, probably just too see it as more of a positive thing and try to find ways to enjoy it. However, at the moment I’m very happy and enjoy going to school, but just to do that earlier on.

@flolavita Do you have a favourite teacher?  I’m not going to share with you their names, but probably my English, science and textiles teacher. Sadly none of them will be teaching me next year, all of them were easy to talk to about my progress and work and supporting me with that. Shoutout to them!!

@daisyy_petals What hair and makeup tips do you have for school ? Last year, I’m disappointed to say, I made 0 effort!! Almost everyday I’d just have it down, ikr boring ! So this year I plan to maybe try out some different styles and make time in the morning. However, I when I have my hair up i find it easier to do things, but it often gives me headaches towards the end of the day. Sorry to disappoint on that one. For makeup, as I’ve said previously don’t spend too much time on it in the morning. When I fill my brows in and apply mascara, I can really notice a difference before and after. Applying concealer an a small amount of blush, can also make you look much more lively and awake, if your skin is looking dull.

@lovesomachixx What’s your favourite and least favourite things about school? and How do you manage blogging and school life? I love the oppuntites that school can bring and learning about things I’m interested in. Also, the chance to see all my friends and socialise with other people. On the other hand, I don’t enjoy the early mornings, even though my school is starting later from now on. I mean personally, school can cause me a lot of stress and I particularly don’t enjoy talking in front of lots of people, which can be a very embarrassing experience. On to the other question, for me school work is my priority and always comes above blogging and most other things. I try to do my homework most week nights, a few days before it’s due, which then leaves my weekends free to enjoy myself and blog.

@copperlinings.x Best things to carry in school bags? Best shops to shop in A compact mirror !! I can’t tell you the amount of times it’s come in handy over the past two years. Also, a hairbrush and tissues will definitely be useful, just the essentials that people often forget and have to ask other people for. This year I got my school bag and pencil case from New Look, as they have some really cute items. For stationary, I recommend checking out WH
Smiths, but it can often be pricey so I only get a few bits from there. Other stores for cute stationary : Wilko, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, TkMax/Home Sense and Staples.


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