My Latest Eyebrow Product Discovery

I’ve recently discovered an new holy grail product that has completely transformed my eyebrow routine ! Before, previous eyebrow routine, I was using the powder from the Seventeen ‘ Brows This Way’ Pallette. But with the recent hype of the ‘ Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. Being mainly a Drugstore girl, I wanted to find a dupe to ease me into the Pomade Craze, as I’ve never used one before. After some research I discover the perfect longwear product. This is the Freedom Pro Brow Pomade !! They have an amazing 11 shades to choose from so your bound to find yours. So today I’m going to tell you why this is my new favourite product.

First of all this product is so cheap for the quality of the product, for £5 you can get a decent sized pot. Personally, I only need to put the tiniest bit on my brush to do both eyebrows, so the product will last me a long time. If you read my Eye Brow Routine, then you know I like to keep my brows natural. This product is really easily buildable which means it’s also perfect for people who like bold defined brows. The formula of this product is very smooth and creamy, which allows for easy application. This product claims to be waterproof and smudge proof, and so far I’ve had no problems with that so far.

This product is so long wearing and still looks the same in the evening, as to when you put it on in the morning. To use this I dip a angled brush into the pot, so that the smallest bit is on the brush. Then starting underneath the brow I just line it and do the same for the top. To finish I just fill in any sparse areas with any remain product and I’m done.  I still recommend setting this with a brow gel, just so the product get evenly brushed throughout your brows and any strays are tamed. This whole process  only takes me 3 minutes maximum, about half than my previous. I’ve also heard that if you warm the product up on the back of your hand it applies much smoother, however I’m yet to try that.

Overall I’ve been absolutely loving it. I recommend trying it out if you love The A.B.H Dipbrow as cheaper alternative, almost a third of the price I think, or if you’ve never tried an eyebrow pomade before. Either way let me know what you think ..

@lucajg3 👍🏻


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