Top Tips to help you catch those ZZZZZZs

Sorry I haven’t posted on Instagram in ages now, I’ve broken my phone. At the moment I’m still trying to find a way around this to post, so for another new weeks I probably won’t be active.
Sleep is very important, more important than you may think. Getting enough sleep can lead to better health, improvement of mood and better skin. Yet knowing all this we still struggle to find enough time to fit it in our busy lives. This post has got 2 subcategories which I’ve split it into: mental and products, just to make it easier.

Mental: This is by far the hardest of all my tips, try to turn off electronics at least 20 minutes before bed, giving you a chance to clear your mind. Definitely, if you can’t sleep, checking your phone is the worst thing you can do.  Instead try reading a book or filling out a journal, both things that I do; also create a night routine and consistently stick to it. Saying that some apps, Sleep Time, are great to track your sleep statistics and set your alarm at the perfect time for you.

Products: I’ve purchased a lot of products which claim to help you get a better night’s sleep. This method isn’t actually scientifically proven, whether it’s physiological or not, I still feel like it works for me. On nights where it’s hard for me to sleep I spray my lavender spray on my pillow and apply the balm to my pressure points. This method may not work for you, but I recon it’s worth giving it a try.


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