Zombie School Girl Makeup Look

This look could be called pretty much anything, but I just called it this as it’s what my sister is dressing up as for Halloween and couldn’t think of a better name. Sorry for the bad lighting, but these pictures were taken late at night. For Halloween I’m going as cat, let me know in the comments if you want me to do a tutorial on that look as well.


Before anything, I put my sisters hair in to two really messy bunches so it’s out the way whilst I was doing her makeup. For the base I used Natural Collection Colour Foundation in the shade Sand, all over just to create a base with even coverage. I would recommend using a lighter shade of foundation to create an even more pasty look. On top of that I dabbed on some white Snazaroo Face Paint and blended it into the foundation. On her spots, I used some green colour correcting concealer and my Collection Lasting perfection. To finish of the base, I covered her face in a thick layer of powder, to create a pasty effect.  

On her eyes I used a cream shadow from my favourite palette of all time, Seventeen Easy On The Eye Birthday Suit, in the shades Bronzed Buff and Burnt Copper Then, blended Onyx from W7 In the Buff palette into the outer crease. To finish of I lined the top of her lid in a thin line of black pencil and used a liquid eye liner underneath her eye lid and drew drips going down. If I was doing this again I’d go much closer to her lower lash line, but she was scared I’d poke her eye out.

On her lips I used my Revlon colour HD and Seventeens Mega Matte Lipsticks, in the shade Lava You A lot. I also used Seventeen on the scars on her face.


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