Bullet journal run down #1

It’s now been a month since I’ve started my bullet journal and I’d love to share with you, how I’ve been getting on. As I’ve only been doing this a month it will look quite messy, I’m still trying to find my niche and what works for me.

What is it and why would you choose to use it?
If the dairy and to-do list had a baby, this would be the beautiful result. Compared to a diary it is much more free and personal, making you feel no pressure if you miss out a few days. What I love about it is you can make it can be whatever you want,there’s no rules. 

Daily Spread

What I use?
For bullet journaling, I recommend use a plain or dotted notebook, as lines or squares will make it hard to read and confusing, you can find these in any stationary store. However, it should be of fairly good quality as you don’t want the ink to transfer or it to break, as you’ll be using it everyday. To colour-code in my journal, I like to use the Ink Joy pens, from Papermate, as they’re really vibrant and colourful. One thing I don’t think’s a good idea is using Sharpies as they transfer really bad on most paper, the only time I use them is on stickers.

My favorite spreads
Other than the basic monthly, fortnightly, and daily spreads I like to mix it up a bit. One of my favorite spreads to help me keep track of the things I should be doing daily, is the habit tracker.This clearly shows, in a bar chart, how I’m getting on with daily tasks, the aim is to get a full line of colour. Another spread I like to use is my blog post planner and socials stats to keep up with my posting on here and my growth over the past month.

weekly spread and checklist

I plan on doing another one of these soon in greater detail so look out for that one.


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