Summer Favourites – baking tutorial

I think it’s now officially safe to say that summer is officially over and we’re now into autumn, my favorite time of year (Darker makeup, Hot Chocolates and falling leaves; ugh!) These favorites are suitable for summer and early autumn, which is why I chose most of them.

These are fairly new releases, which I’ve been waiting so long for, and are hard to get your hands on depending on your area. It took me 3 different boots stores to find the shades I wanted. The shades I brought were, ‘Nude News’, a lighter pastel pink, perfect for everyday wear; and ‘The Coral Of The Story’, a bolder pink. 
These lipsticks claim to be 13 hours, which I haven’t testing yet, however from the moment you put them on you can feel their stay power. These lipstick are really matte, so can be a little bit drying, nothing a bit of lip balm can’t solve. They’re creamy, meaning they glide on almost effortlessly. These have definitely become a new favorite of mine.
This palette contains 2 blushes, Antique blush and Pomegranate blush, and 4 eyeshadows, different shades from the Vintage Romance i-Divine palette. All the shades in this palette are deep blues and purples, perfect for a bold smokey eye. I love the pinker blush at this time of year, as it’s bold and shimmer whilst still looking natural. I think this is the perfect palette for anyone beginning to transition into a bolder, darker look, and doesn’t want to buy lots of separate palettes.
This stuff is AMAZING!! I find myself wearing it all the time. The formula is really lightweight and moisturizing, making it feel like you’re wearing nothing at all!It instantly sinks in to your skin and is just so easy to apply. Your skin has a beautiful natural glow; however it can look a bit greasy without powder over the top. The coverage is really light, perfect for this time of year, but is buildable with over products. Overall, the product doesn’t crease and is perfect for someone wanting little coverage.

Seventeen Stay Time Concealer  and Rimmel Transparent Powder
I’ve put these two products together, as it’s less of just the products I’ve been loving, it’s more of a technique. When to products I’ve recently been loving baking me concealer under my eyes. Using this, it instantly provides me with so much more coverage and just brightens. The concealer I use for Seventeen is really long lasting, 18 hrs, and blends out really nicely. I just take my concealer and put it in a triangle under my eyes and blend it out a bit.
The powder I’m using is really fine milled and controls and blocked pores. Then I take a thick layer of powder on to my beauty blender and just layer it up.  Next you just wait …, some people like to leave it for five minutes others twenty, depending on how much time you have. Finally you just brush away the powder, which can get a bit messy. Now your concealer looks poreless and stays matte all day.

Lush Teo Deodorant Bar
I’ve never send anyone else review this from Lush, but it deserves much more recognition. The product is really gentle on skin but still provides the absorbancy, of a roll or spray on. The citrus oils in it make it smell so powerful and refreshing, I can literally smell from the other side of the room right now! When you first use it looks like it’s going to crumble all over the floor, once the flowers on the top had fallen off, that was it. This is a must have for anyone looking for a really natural and gentle alternative.

Pandora Delicate Heart Ring
I’ve had this ring for a while now, and I just think it’s soooo cute. I love to wear and have found it goes with anything.


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