What’s in my pencil case, Back to School Haul

Like many other people I am not afraid to admit to being a bit of a stationary geek. At the start of each new school year, I love nothing more than buy a load more stationary for the school year. Most of the items in this post are either from Staples or Tescos, as both have a wide range of supplies.

I’m going to start off with the most basic supply of them all a pen! Personally, I prefer black ink to write in, so I brought the Papermate ‘Flex Grip Elite 1.4’ in thick. I just find this pen writes really smoothly, making my handwriting 100% neater and they can almost last me a whole school year. Also, I have the Bic Cristal pens, because I love their vibrant colours and I just find them really useful for revision. For a pencil, I use the Lyra Triangular Chunky Grafite pencil, I just really like the thickness of this pencil and how easy it is to use.

Throughout the school year, I find my rubbers get dirty really quickly, so this year I brought one with a lid, which should hopefully keep it clean. On the other end it has just a basic sharpener, which catches the sharpenings.  Next on to my all time favourite stationary item of all: highlighters! My favourites are the Stabilo Flash, due to their bright and vibrant colours. These ones have 8h anti-dry technology, which is good for me as I often forget to put their lids on again! Same with the Vivalight highlighters which I also brought.

For some reason I realy enjoyed writing this post let me know if you liked the amount of detail I went in.


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