Zoella’s Sweet Inspirations Range First impressions

When I first heard about Zoella’s new range, I got really excited as the first two were unbelievably good. The inspiration for this range was a French patisserie style and scent, so the pack packaging really cute and Instagram worthy. THE SCENT!!! Omg, this favourite of them all so far! It’s smell like vanilla macaroons through out all the products Overall there are 8 product, each one I love.

Fragranced body mist: 

As with her other ranges, Zoe brings out a body mist: a lighter and weaker version of a perfume. This smell amazing and lasts for a fairly decent amount of time for a body mist. It’s perfect to take out with you in your handbag for little top ups throughout the day.

Double Crème Body Cream:

I use this product as a daily body moisturiser as it leaves with smooth and soft skin, that smells incredible. Only a small amount of product can go a really long way. I keep this on my bedside table as a reminder and just because it looks so cute.

Body Fondant Shimmer Balm:

Out of all the products I think this has to be my favorite, it’s different to any of the things she’s done before. Not only does it leave my body smelling great and feeling soft, it also give me the look of a gradual tan. The pigmentation in this product isn’t very high, so it leaves you with naturally tanned with a healthy luminous glow. The puff provided is really soft and fluffy, proving an even finish.

The rest:

The other 3 products I haven’t actually tried out yet so I will be doing another post on them soon. Also, the bags in the collection are really cute and high quality. The small one I keep in my hand bag to store loose change and other little things. The other, I just store random beauty products in I want to keep a hold off.


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