Daily skin care routine

Other the past year, I’ve only just began creating using a beauty routine that works for me, as before I was just using basic products. Now I feel like I’ve found a way to combat spots, blemishes and oil while keeping a smooth protected face. Especially now that I’m a teenager, comment below if you would like me to post a ‘What I got for my birthday’.

Every morning and night, I first wash my face with the Witch ‘ Pore minimising gel wash’ as it’s really gentle on  my face and clears up and redness or spots. I tone using a DIY tee tree toner, I might do a blog post on how to make this. Then I moisturise using the Simple ‘Hydrating light moisturiser’ this gives me skin natural bounce and plump without making my face too oily.

  Every night I use the Garnier ‘Micellar Water’ to remove my makeup. I love this so much as it removes water proof makeup easily as isn’t harsh on skin, as it leaves really soft. However if I’m feeling really tired and lazy, I just use ‘sensitive skin wipes’ from Superdrug. Finally, before I go to bed, I use Superdrug’s ‘pore cleansing pads, which I’m also going to be doing a separate review on.

To keep my skin at its best I do a weekly face mask and use a face scrub, my favourite one at the moment is The T Zones ‘blackhead and pore fighting scrub’. This scrubs really fine so it doesn’t hurt my skin, it also has tee tree oil, an antibacterial, in so it also helps to fight against spots.


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