The W7 ‘Glam Box’

I saw this box whilst I was shopping and I realised it’s a bargain. As I was already buying two of these products it only made sense to buy this. You get 3 pallets : ‘The Cheeky Trio’, ‘In The Buff’ and ‘Midnight’ These pallets work out almost a 1/3 cheaper together than brought separately, like I was going to.

The ‘Midnight’ pallet

This pallet includes lots of deep purply colours, to help you create the perfect night Smokey eye. The shadows colours are really pigmented and blend easily. As I don’t really go to parties, I don’t really need this pallet and I won’t get my use out of it. Some of the lighter shades don’t compliment my skin tone, but most of the colours suit anyone.

‘In The Buff’ nude Pallet

Mainly this pallet includes some lovely colours for everyday wear and more for evening wear. It has a range a 12 different colours, giving you a beautiful range to choose from. Some of the darker shades aren’t as good as the ‘Midnight’ pallet as they fade easily and the colour isn’t very pigmented. But further down, the lighter shades, are a lot more pigmented and create a beautiful shimmer.

‘The Cheeky Trio’ contour pallet

I chose the lightest of the 3 shades as the others seemed for much darker skin. It includes a bronzer, highlighter and blush. The bronzer is perfect for the look of sun kissed skin and blends effortlessly. The same with the blush, which is the perfect shade, which is almost faultless as well. However, the highlighter is really rubbish. It’s a different formula to the others and if really powder meaning it doesn’t apply very easily. It also takes loads of it for any of it to show, then when you try to blend it,
it just fades into the skin.
Overall this box is perfect as a gift as most of the pallets are perfect for any makeup beginers.


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