SEVENTEEN ‘Easy on the Eye’ Eye Palette

Before Christmas I hadn’t really heard much about the brand, Seventeen. You can only buy their products at boots, as it’s an own brand (I think!). So for Christmas, I was given the eye palette, the lip palette and the lip lusture collection. After falling in love with the brand I have brought 2 more of their products, (which I’ll review at a later date). I absolutely love the eye shadow palette and have   sworn by it ever since.

My palettes in the shade ‘Birthday Suit’, the softest and most natural. A collection of  8 matte, shimmer and pearl powders, 3 metallic creams and 1 eye primer. I always use the eye primer that’s in there because it gives a really intense colour and last for up to 8 hours. In the day, my favourites are number 6, warm mink and number 7, toasted almond. Only one of the colours doesn’t really show up on my skin, that’s warm ivory, which is quite sad.

The set also comes with a ‘how to guide’ which is really useful to help you create the perfect smoky eye, just this palette. It also comes with a dual ended applicator that blends really well. On one end you get a fluffy brush, which is great for covering the main lids and blending. The other, a really stiff thin brush, I use this to get into the crease of the eye and to apply eyeliner. Overall this palette is great value for money and comes from an unexpectedly great brand!!!


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