Feeling Blue…?

Blue the colour of the sky and ocean. As my cleverly named title suggests, I’m going to be sharing with you some of my favourite products, in the colour blue.

 1. Pure Devotion Eau De Parfum

I got this perfume for Christmas, however you can buy it in New Look. It’s a refreshing and sweet floral scent, making it a comfortable everyday scent. It’s smells strongly of pink peony, lychee and lily of the valley with undertones of cedar wood and honey (I got all this from the packaging, I’m not that good at recognising scents). I wear this perfume almost everyday as it’s comfortable chic scent that last for hours.

 2. Nivea Hydro Care

I reach for this lip balm when ever my lips feel rough and dry and it instantly moisturises them again. It’s light to put on, so it isn’t greasy or thick. After using it my lips feel really soft and moisturised, ready for lip gloss/stick. It comes out clear and doesn’t taste nasty. Especially in the summer I like to use it as it has SPF 15, which means it protects your lips from the sun. 

 3. Whoosh Shower Jelly

As all over Lush products, this smells AMAZING!! I love the blend of citrus fruits, which make it smell really powerful. This a great thing to use in your morning shower because it wakes you up, leaving you feeling clean and fresh. It contains seaweed, fresh citrus juices, rosemary and geranium oils which all do wonders for your skin.


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