How To Take The Perfect Photo

Sometimes I feel like my photos are a bit boring and don’t capture how you want to portray the moment. Well here are a few simple tips to make you feel happier with your photos and want to share them with the world.


If you feel like the quality on your phones camera is a bit poor, then try to save up to buy a camera, if you enjoy photography as hobby. This instantly makes your pictures look more professional. However this isn’t necessary if your on a budget.


Taking photos in poor lighting can distract from the subject. Try to take photos near a window or outside to avoid shadowing. When taken in natural lighting pictures look brighter and the right colour. This can be quite hard to do in the winter and lighting can often cause problems but try to take pictures around mid day.


Don’t try to add too many elements too your photo as it can begin to look crowded. Step back and try to focus just on the subject. Too many other things can distract from the subject. Sometimes getting closer to the subject can block out other things.


Put an end to blurry photos by using a tripod to support your camera. Sometimes it only takes a shaky hand to ruin a photo.



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