Snow Fairy Shower Gel Review

This shower gel is from Lush’s Christmas range from £3.99 for a smaller bottle which I got. The one in the picture is from last year when I got it and didn’t use it all.

This shower gel smells AMAZING!!! It smells really sweet like candy floss and sweets . Literally this smells soooooo sweet and sugary. This gel is a bright pink colour with sparkly blue glitter in it. However the glitter sinks to the bottom and has to be shaken to be seen. I mostly use this as shower gel and sometimes bubble bath but Lush says it can be used as shampoo.

This gel is quite thick and creates bubbles so easily and the smell stays on your skin for hours after. Making it feel really soft and smelling of candy floss. The glitter easily washes away and causing no trouble at all.


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