Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar review

So Fall is almost over and in my opinion the best thing about about fall is Halloween. Pumpkin carving is one of my favourite things, this year I carved the Ooggie Boogie from
“The Nightmare Before Christmas” one of my favourite films. Anyway I brought this product from Lush for £3.65.

With a rather vibrant and glittery golden layer of glitter coating the outside. Another little touch was a small piece of cinnamon sticking out the top as stalk. When handled the glitter came off onto your fingers but easily washed away. This bubble smells of citrus, this is as it is made of lime and grapefruit oil. There is also a hint of pine wood, sweet and woody.      

+There’s enough of this for 2 baths if you want to use it again. Once crumbled under the running tap it creates mounds of  scented bubbles filling the whole bath. At first the bar looks quite messy with all the glitter, however once used the glitter just dissolved leaving no mess at all. The water turns an autumnal warm orange colour making the perfect season bath. When I had finished my skin felt fairly moisturised, soft and silky.  


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